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  1. "death" abusing

    u got muted cos u were toxic, you got jailed because u continued to dd on fights in ::rz after being warned. ur punishments both lasted 15 minutes.
  2. staff review

    i'll be here to deny every application you make. kind regards
  3. supanova vet application <3

    grave dug old threads and did majority of ur post count within 30 minutes. Good luck lol
  4. Adam's App

    Bumping this for a good applicant
  5. Staff Application

    good application much love appreciated
  6. Adam's App

    Based on what I know so far I feel you'd make a fine addition to our staff team, very professional and very well written application. I'll hold off on giving my vote until I know more regarding the circumstances of why you left. Good luck edit: After talking in-game and clarifying a few details, I give this application a +1
  7. Old Prices in TP

    people merch in the tp and leave stuff in over night, if we added a timer it would have to be 24hours or over, and at that point it's redundant because people would reset the same offers once a day

    id be inclined to give you a shot, +1 from me
  9. Staff Member Prominence

    Prominence puts in more than his fair share of time and effort to help with the server, whether you see it or not.
  10. Good job with these updates, can't wait for #33!
  11. Staff Application - Spudmo

    Clean application, perhaps I'd like to see more of you helping before giving my vote.
  12. Application

  13. Servant Ability

    his price is what it costs to achieve the rank to claim a pet. not to buy it from someone who has already claimed it
  14. Servant Ability

    I'll make sure these are noted and suggested for the coming update!
  15. Veteran applications

    You don't reach the first requirement