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  1. Hello

    Keeping a hcim alive long enough to max is a good challenge, good luck bro
  2. Fluoresce's Cerberus Guide

  3. Staff app (-J O T A)

    no support
  4. Staff Application

    I like this application personally, only thing i wanted to see was the playtime part of the application filled in correctly. If you knew as much as you say you do you'd know there's a town crier that shows you
  5. Nexx Helper Application

    if you were seen to be helping more id +1 you
  6. Staff App

    from what I've seen of you in-game you don't fit what I'd like to see in a candidate. luckily i don't decide promotions though so don't feel disheartened.
  7. M70 staff app

    I like the app, short, sweet and straight to the point. Best of luck
  8. zigs ss application

    No support from me unfortunately
  9. Staff Application - Jimmy Coon

    I like the application but I've never personally seen you in-game.
  10. Staff App

    No support from me unfortunately.
  11. Insane time frame to get nex out, good job dave.
  12. How 2 log in?

    This problem is now fixed, reload your client. If this happens again in the future please PM a mod on discord.
  13. Queen B- Vet rank

    No support
  14. Gtfomybed Vet App

    no support