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  1. Bossing / Multi Pk Team!

    Ign : Omi Don Age : 20 Where are you from : canada Do you have a discord : Yes and a mic Clan Experience : ye on few private servers Im a active player on here, would be a great fit & show my pking skills.
  2. 6IXTH's Official Clan Thread

    Im from toronto so i wanna be apart of the 6ix gang, give a younging a chance. PS: Due to gotta be hustling in the streets lost alot of playtime & reseted kdr for some reasons was better looking before Username: SavageGadK0zTimezone: GMT +1K/D Ratio: https://ibb.co/743kxRpPlaytime: https://ibb.co/B4rCR2dLanguage(s): EnglishDiscord: Yes Microphone: not right now