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  1. Revenant Cave Teleport

  2. delete thx :p

  3. Holy moly and all the other boss updates!
  4. Droptables suggestions / Solved

    Hey! Thank you. Wasn't sure if the drops are actually correct, but this seems to be the way to check them! /Case closed. Olcay, please create separate thread for your problem, you accidentally posted on another topic. Server slowness happens sometimes at least for me when the server is really crowded.
  5. Droptables suggestions / Solved

    Solved: @Duty: I mean we have plenty of ways of checking just google what item ur looking for itll tell u the boss then search the boss in rw thats extra dev work for no reason.. id rather david spend $ n time on other things. If this is a thing already, let me know! Did not find any solution yet. Now when using ::droptables, we can search loot by monsters. Would it be possible to search by item name to see what monsters drop the wanted item? For example I would search abyssal whip and it would show me that abyssal demons drops it, now we need to manually search whole monster list. Thanks!
  6. Bank glitch

    Nope, nothing helps. Probably just moving to OSRS now. No point collecting gp and then lose it due to visual bug or something. Cya, and gl on the battlefield.
  7. Bank glitch

    Hi man, I thought that too and tried to resize/fullscreen/minimize to normal. Didn't help All I still have is 20m i take from my GE. This is getting annoying. Tbh, I feel bad for saying this, but I regret voting this server many times.
  8. Bank glitch

    Relog didn't help me, also restarting the client didn't help. I assume the money stack is still there somewhere but it is just "hidden" as is disappeared, no idea how I could get it back tho. This just feels like I am doing all the work for nothing, you know.
  9. Bank glitch

    I decided to post this because it's the 2nd time I lost my money stack. I have NO idea what is happening with my bank, and would love to hear if anyone else experienced this and managed to fix the problem? I will put a video link here, I managed to record it. As you can see sometimes items disappear, sometimes they duplicate, sometimes you can't even pick them from bank. Before, I lost 100mil which was all I had, now I lost 300m~ and that was my whole stack. As you can see on the video I got 20m, I took those from GE, but where is rest of my money?! This is getting really frustrating, I am afraid to bank my money, I don't even want to grind for money anymore because this is happening.
  10. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    Hi, The only bug now is the mystically missing banktab (It wasn't much but new player like me it feels frustrating to lose everything i collected). You already explained very well the tyrannical ring and whip problem. I actually already did PM you there in discord, my name is Edy there also.
  11. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    Any update on this?
  12. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    Thank you very much! I will deifinitely try to mess around with the bank, I noticed it was bugging and like "cloning" items sometimes i change the item position lol. We will see. edit: Nothing fixing this problem. Even when I banked more money, it made a new moneystack and cant find my 100m anywhere. I have no idea where all my collected gp and 2600~ winter tickets have gone. Losing motivation to lose all collected tickets after roughly 200 fights. edit2: I am now tried everything. Taking all money off the bank and create new tab. Moving money from another tab to another, same with winter tickets. Can't get them appear anywhere.
  13. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    Alright I am having a lot of problems with this game now. First happened those what I told you before. And couple hours ago I lost one whole bank tab ( all money, winter tickets etc). And now in middle of fight my whip disappeared. Getting frustrated here. Should I make new account or what?
  14. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    Well, kind of yes and no. I am afraid to ctrl+Q so I bank money before loading gear. But as I tested it the money got banked normally. The item disappering never solved which is very strange.
  15. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    That is very weird, I only have 137M so not near max stack. And it also happened for my Tyrannical ring just 10 minutes ago. Are you able to check my logs from past 10 minutes anyhow? Would like to help with this problem if possible, if this is also happening to others. edit: okay so I tested this again as it happened before. I picked up 300k gp after fight and ctrl+Q and it didn't happen now. I also took 1M from bank and ctrl+Q and didn't happen now. No idea what happened with the ring tho. Picked it up after fight and equip, then ctrl+Q, now it's somewhere in the void.