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  1. Runewild Pk Vid 1

    Good video brethren
  2. HCIMortem | Staff Application

    Good response, couldn't have said it any better and as I mentioned the application is a definite positive despite how I feel about your roster which is why I chose to be neutral. Goodluck nevertheless.
  3. Sync's Staff Application :D

    You're free to spit out whatever 'dirt' it is you supposedly have on me and to set the record straight as a staff of RuneWild to be blunt I am entitled to an opinion as are ANY MEMBERS of RuneWild's community for that matter, had that not been the case this section of the Forums would only be accessible by specific people which isn't the case. Extra: I never said nor claimed that the decision was upto me, what I did do however is express that I have zero confidence in you as an applicant for valid reasons. Feedback is one of the BIGGEST factors in an application whether it's from users or staff, it matters, also feel free to spit out whatever 'dirt' you supposedly have on me. You cannot view bolt setups in Singles the same as Edgeville with that mindset that's the equivalent of telling me I cannot protect teammates who are being focused. Sincerely, Wheelchairz.
  4. Staff Application

    I really like you but despite that the application seems rushed and offers very little context about you as a person and your reasons for wanting Staff. Extra: I do think it's fine to bring awareness to an application but demanding support is not how it should be done whatsoever as that attracts biased feedback, when I received your 'message' alongside numerous others who were sent the link of this application in cominbation with the request to blindly support it is downright stupid and desperate and when I responded by saying I wouldn't support blindly you retaliated with arrogance, no support whatsoever.
  5. Sync's Staff Application :D

    I definitely appreciate a thorough and detailed application but despite that I cannot look past the harassment and flame towards @Himiko in the RuneWild discord which has since been conveniently removed once this application was submitted, a staff-team thrives on chemistry and you my friend would frankly not contribute to that and this statement can be denied by you or others but I'm sure if @David or @Hope look through the Discord audit log, they'll find what has since been removed and with that said I most certainly will NOT support this whatsoever.
  6. rudolf app

    Application has been copied from @partypete44 - definite no from me, feel like there should be repercussions for troll applications.
  7. Partypete44 / Sinister Staff Application

    Just like L's application, despite the affiliation with Mortem the application while short was well-written and straight to the point while I'm sure there's some 'toxicity' on your end like many other such as myself it's kept to acceptable banter and no lines are crossed, neutral.
  8. Pity/Mortem Application

    You've baited me on Yellchat even went as far as to walk up to me not once but twice in some petty attempt to provoke me, a definite vote of no confidence in this applicant.
  9. Staff Application

    I reckon to the public Wahey's seen as a 'controversial' person but so am I and to be honest hes a solid lad. +1
  10. HCIMortem | Staff Application

    Well, besides the obvious support from his members who more than likely hope to achieve favoritism from this the application itself is well written but I will be honest when I say that I am conflicted by him being the leader of a team who is more often than not involved in rule violations ranging from racism, flame to harassment so I am concerned that this might prove to be problematic because that would place him in position where he'll have to infract his own teammates aside from that I've seen very little from him but I have been slightly absent due to personal reasons so I'll remain neutral on this.
  11. T2b_Limitles Staff Application.

    You've made a definite turn around in attitude from what I've seen lately and based on our talks, happy to see the improvement! +1 From me
  12. What's boppin -Justin Here

    Welcome back bud, it's true though most people don't know the history of David's servers which is a damn shame.
  13. Staff Application

    It'll be a no from me for now as I feel like applying within hours of returning offers little insurance that you'll stick around nor having had time to adjust and settle in because as a Veteran from RSPSPK the overall community vibe in comparison to previous versions is entirely different alongside new features and content that previously weren't there, the application itself is also missing some crucial information and answers that make it hard to determine whether or not you're qualified for it which is what I personally more often than not base my support on, however I will say that for the brief moment we talked this week you strike me as a very genuine and laid back person.
  14. Suggestions 2.0

    Agreed, I have the assumption that these were put in place to prevent macroing and the sorts but on the other hand I highly doubt anyone would be foolish enough to put a Royal Donator account at risk by abusing this.