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    +1 to my ginger friend
  2. Max Cape Perks

    i approve of this max cape needs more stuff mein
  3. Ahmed's live

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taVVjVVfwZc LIVE!
  4. About Us We are a multi and single clans and are thriving towards the top of the leader board. We first opened out clan a week ago with a objective to overcome other multi clans and we have overcame that multiple times with max kills and much more. We have experienced PKers from singles and multi. How to join. To join you can join our discord server we will be hosting giveaways and invite giveaways. You need to go through verification however if do not want to join you can talk to our members or other people in the public chat. Join: https://discord.gg/SwEFNr34hh #WF
  5. Suggestions 3.0

    quick suggerstion for some gamble addict : should add a rehab where it cant be 'payed' to get unbanned from the ban/rehab because 200-400m lets be honest isnt much to ask for. I would also recommend that you should try and implement a type of multi slayer cave and introduce a better wilderness slayer system. ~ Ahmed