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    Peter good guy, me like peter, peter good
  2. Staff Application

    +1 doesn't show off and legit one of the nicest if not the nicest player ive met so far!
  3. Staff application

    What's your in-game username? - my rng sucks What is your timezone? - GMT+1 What is your playtime? - 31 days Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I've played 07 for years on and off, besides that ive played alot of mmorpg's and fps for years which I consider myself pretty good at. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - Mostly because I play alot and sometimes see no staff online when I am so it would be nice if there's always staff on, also I've been helping people ever since i started with issues I have been stuck with myself. I love to help people and it'll be great if they could see me as staff so I can be there to help them faster. Anything else you want to us tell can be posted here: If you would like to learn more about me listen to: Cupcakke - Spider-man dick