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  1. #pkeronly

    Welcome to the monsters group: D we are a community of friends and colleagues, we are a big family, we are the most powerful monsters on the server, we are the strongest, we will not let ourselves be defeated against wind or tides, we will take hold against those who oppose our way, just follow I pass them in the discord and you will be ranked in the clan: D if you have not entered the clan "pkeronly" come join our mobsters family!
  2. #pkeronly

    welcome to pkeronly clan chat we are a team, of friends who want to be free of racism and other illegal things, we are a group of pkrs, we do all kinds of events we also do pkrs. in individual combat, both multiplayer, you want to be part of this great family come we invite you to join and be part of the pkrs family: D discord:https://discord.gg/ySr5CBtW
  3. mafia war

    welcome to cc mafia war we are a group of friends who fight for the lives of those who are banned or are bad to fight we are a group that fight in a 1 vs 1 pvp or multi-combat form, the truth is we do not expect those traitors like the plague community, we are to fight against those and those who get in our way, we will be unbeaten to victory join the discord below is the link discord :https://discord.gg/YgRSWK5H
  4. welcome to anti plague


  5. mafia war

    somos el equipo anti plagas, dicho caso, somos una comunion de equipo que fuimos formados para eliminar esa plaga, que esta, apoderando de todo runewild, unete para eliminar a la plaga solo sige los paso para unirte a nuestra escuela anti plagas https://discord.gg/ehq7UAUX
  6. Plague Official Clan Thread

    username: takashi out timezone: eastern k/d ratio: (screenshot)