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  1. NFL player playing Rsps lol

    Welcome friend!
  2. Yell color advanced

    Hi! Here I will show you a slightly more advanced guide on the yell tag. If you want more details about the configure, I'll leave you the topic of @Prestige to guide you and already have an idea of how it is used. https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/3029-yell-color/ Let's get started! COMMAND (Important to see the prestige guide): We will use <col=> with the color code of your preference. Example: <col=255> Is blue https://gyazo.com/5d074973c08bacce2184de7b952c1120 If you want a combination of colors, it will be <col=> and <Shad=> with the colors of your preference. Example: <col=255><Shad=16711680> what is blue and red. https://gyazo.com/5c80df8b4bd1ff5b23c2da321fc51c43 Below the commands, will give you an example of what it would look like on yell tag with colors. If you have any questions or you want help pm me TY
  3. Oli's Veteran Application

    With photos it would be great. Gl
  4. bank key reset

    Contact David by forums or Discord; I forgot my bank pin. Discord: https://discord.gg/mvpPHAwwPz
  5. bank key reset

    You can reset bank pin by contacting David through forums or discord: I don't know or l forgotten my bank pin.
  6. ,

    Nice content
  7. I'm back

    Welcome back. Enjoy new updates added to the game!
  8. Free 2 Cry- Vet rank

    Not bad not bad. Gl
  9. RW Blackjack's Staff Application

    +1 Good luck. I wish you best
  10. Hi.

    Welcome friend! I hope you enjoy the new adventures and achievements you doing in game.
  11. hello

    And how are your?