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  1. To start off id love to see clue scrolls from easy to master, as players reach end game the only real thing left to go for is raids KC and XP. A better detailed collection log with clue scrolls would give end game players like myself more to do. Another thing id like to see added is real achievements / diaries. as it stands the achievements haven't been updated since release of runewild. nothing in there stands out as challenging. you join a multi cc for central boss kc. you can deep wild pk / torva camp for ks achievement and nothing else is a challenge. I understand this is a rsps based on pking but a big part of the playerbase is completionist / pvmers. Achievements that require skill could be added such as kill vorkath 25 times in the same inventory ( more or less just an example ). Add rooftop courses as it stands only viable way of training agility on hc is to grind 99 at start of acc or do 1k gnome courses, seems excessive. again im going to suggest Construction Hunter and Farming. As rank 1 Exp would love to see more skills. My last suggestion is to add minigames like Castle Wars. to make this active could add pkp / coins as rewards for the winning team. and for a reward shop remove all halos from untradeables shop and add them to castle wars shop. I know this topic is super unorganized just wanted to make a quick thread of what popped into my head please leave feedback, tell me what you would like to see added ingame and what things i mentioned that your not a fan of. Thank you for your time
  2. Highscores For Killcount

  3. Revs Singles+

    bump for sure personally would enjoy this , as would many others.
  4. Add pre-pot option to setups

    +1 im for this small things like this make servers unique
  5. New Minigame!

    not a fan of bringing money making methods through mini games, it also sounds alot like lms, if a mini game was added i would like to see cosmetic untradeables as rewards. aka remove halos and cw gear from shops and add to mini game shop
  6. Helloo everyone!

    Welcome enjoy your stay!

    Very nice format, and very accurate good post!
  8. RuneWild 'Completionist' #4 -1B Giveaway

    Very excited for more to come
  9. nice vid looking forward to more
  10. Mid tier Agility

    +1 must need for hardcore, 1k laps of gnome stronghold for 99 agility is kind of ridiculous
  11. Veteran rank

  12. Venny gone wild

    nice vid
  13. August Suggestions

    thanks for the feedback!