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  1. Forums Suggestions

    I don't know if staff have done this in the past, but it would get some good traffic on forums! Worth a shot! Could viewing the staff be a button thats more visible? Wouldn't have thought about hovering over the "Browse" section to see that
  2. Arcy's / Show-Off

    Veyr nice!
  3. 6IXTH vs The World PT.3

  4. Fix Monster Aggro Stall

    Straight gunnin
  5. Suggestions 3.0

    Nice suggestions, Wheelz!
  6. NH/TRIBRID PK Video #9 *Cooter*

    Very niace
  7. Raids 2 Guide

    Thank you for the guide! need to learn raids!
  8. Finaly a introduction.

    Hello Friend
  9. I'm back :)

    Welcome back!

    You said smack down
  11. Mamaril's intro

    Hey, been playing rsps for awhile now, been staff on previous private servers, found this recently. Enjoying the pking A LOT! Hope to meet alot of you around. Previous IGNs. Danny60333, Lee sin, and currently Mamaril. Might remember me from Original NR and the NR remakes.