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  1. thats alot of stuff mate, good work homie!
  2. Guidelines Follow (Radical Terror's) global rules / guidelines inside and outside the clan. Treat others same way as you want someone to treaten you. Help cultivate a wealthy and positive clan. Always be fresh / open minded. Respect higher ranks but do not pull rank if unwarranted. Rules * Always listen higher ranks in clan chat / voice. * No bsing / Crashing between clan members. * We tolerant and accept proper language in our clan chat. * You must own a discord account ( we are willing to add you into our discord server ). * No homophobic word slurs. * No racism accepted in Radical Terror's main chat, neither discord. * Be nice to every single member with who you're in the same place. Application * Ingame / forum's name - * How long you've been playing runewild? - * Do you own discord? - * Timezone (GMT+) - * Any experience in pking / nh / brid / tank? - Ranks PHD (Leader) DIKBIL, sun sunny (Corporal) Neededags (private) How to earn rank * You must follow the rules. * Don't beg for the rank. * You have to be loyal member for atleast 1 week to gain the first rank. Our official discord server - https://discord.gg/7SrbgrX7
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