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  1. Bossing / Multi Pk Team!

    1. Ingame Name: Aristotle 2. Age: 21 3. Where are you from: Miami, FL 4. Do you have discord? ( A MUST, But Mic isnt ): Yes. I have discord and a Mic. 5. Any clan experience? Yes, I was in an osrs rev cave cc back in the day, as well a PVM cc. 6. Why do you think you would be a good pick for the Cc? Been playing runescape / rsps's for a decade now, safe to say I know the mechanics of the game.
  2. New Clan "Aristotle" CC

    Hello Everyone! I started the server about a week ago and one thing I've noticed is many of the players are very toxic and not helpful, even the help cc! Because of this I have decided to start my CC. The clan will focus on general PvP and PvM, everyone who wants to join a community of non-toxic players is welcome! PM me in game or reply to this post to introduce yourselves.