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  1. PVP Bounty hunter suggestions

    I have 3 Ideas I would like to propose as a quality of life up date for Bounty Hunter I am not suggesting all 3 get implemented I am suggesting 1 of these 3 as a possibility. 1) Make Bounty Hunter a specific area in the wilderness and only in that are can you get targets that way you don't get attack by Randoms just looking to fight anyone that way you can do BH Fights with out having to keep banking your emblems and as a way to combat people getting T10 like crazy make it only a %50 chance to upgrade your emblem when killing your target. 2) Make it so that our emblem only drops if your target killed you that way if Random people attack you instead of just sitting there flaming them you can fight them and not risk your Emblem to a guy not even taking part in BH tier leveling. 3) Make it so that target paring only occurs for people who have a emblem in their inventory. I believe that these suggestions would benefit the community of pkers not only people doing BH but regular pkers aswell as they won't have to keep dealing with skipping people who don't want to fight them because they aren't BH pekrs. Thank you for reading my suggestions I look forward to hearing your thoughts and improvements on my suggestions.
  2. How to play Black Jack

    im in the same boat
  3. How to play Black Jack

    Black Jack otherwise know as "21" is a card game where you and everyone else playing try to beat the dealer the goal is to get 21 in cards or be closer then the dealer to 21. Aces are soft meaning they're 1 or 11, face cards (king, queen and jack) are 10 all other cards are the same value of their number. The black jack game is safe as it automated you cannot be scammed. you need platinum to place a bet not coins. click here for pictures on how to play.