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  1. 3b was made!

    nice one! keep it up man :PP
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    2 bows....
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    Yes sir! im gonna bring my realism to ur cc, very soon :))
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    Best idea ever my boy >:D
  5. skillcapes are irrelevant


    Thanks for the guide man! appreciate it <3
  7. [How To] Efficiently Upgrading

    best guide ever!
  8. Spider-Man AKA Shelbs for Support

    good luck my boy! wish u the best <3
  9. BaguetteRSPS's Staff application

    Good Luck! hope u got the rank :))
  10. Xhevahir95 Veteran Application

    +999 for ya man! good luck
  11. Gtfomybed Vet App

    wish the best man!
  12. vookaville vet app

    gl broo
  13. Sex Machine Veteran app

    gl man
  14. Veteran rank Ho-Oh

    good luck brotha