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  1. Staff Application

    its odd staff apps stay open for months.. ill +1 this again.
  2. Staff Application

    +1 from me peta parka! <3
  3. why did they ban me?

    Please try contacting David on discord, David#5801.
  4. OSRS Autocasting

  5. New N E W

  6. Granite Hammer Suggestion

    Great idea Good luck!
  7. HiScores for Realism

    my man!
  8. What's your in-game username? - Know What is your timezone? - GMT-5 What is your playtime? - 20 days+ Tell us a little about your gaming history. - Some of you guys May know me pretty well in-game, Others that don't take a moment to review What i have to say and get to know me in-game You wont regret it. I've been playing Old school runescape for 16 years, and RSPS somewhere around 2010. I've played alot of popular servers that are No longer around Such as, SuperScape (500+ Players), SoulSplit ( 800+ players), And pwnified (350 players) These 3 servers i mentioned, i was able to gain staff rank pretty quick and held the Title with Respect & maturity, On Superscape i was a co-owner/Staff manger. I started out as A "Helper" and rose through the ranks fairly quickly in one year. I was promoted all the way to Staff manager. where I held interviews To promote new staff members, Handed out disciplinary action when needed, And helped facilitate Training for our Support staff to mold the team into becoming the best team possible. On SoulSplit i was a global moderator So all my Basic functions were simple,Follow/maintain all in-game/Forum rules although this server isn't "Dead" there were alot of behind the sense things going on From upper management that i did not agree with Such ass Rwt, Clan boosting etc that lead me to Making the final decision to step down & focus on Real life issues i had going on. I played Runewild a long time ago & i plan on continuing to play The server i genuinely Enjoy the game i play everyday. So after talking to a few members on our staff team i figured i could benefit the server by applying for a staff position. 1. I'm active on a time that most of our staff team isn't. ( recently ive seen some come on tho) 2. I have great knowledge of the game and spend some time in the Help cc offering my services. 3. I have experience in these positions and know how to handle situations Without just handing out punishments unless it's needed. 4. Most who know me in-game know i have a maturity about me that's needed to hold a position. 5. I'm a above and Beyond Type of person So when someone is in need of assistance but having trouble understanding ill take the time to personally make sure the point gets across so we can all enjoy the game. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - Personally it don't make a Difference to me if I'm on the team or not ill still continue to do what i do to help. Most of our Staff team have received some type of In-game reports VIA discord from me So i guess, i would like to be able to Make the game a little less toxic and Enjoyable for Players who are having issues with disruptive behavior from Trolls in-game. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I spent quite some time debating on if i wanted to take on the responsibility of joining the staff Team and after talking to some Staff members i decided to Shoot my shot and see what happens. Thanks for the Reading-Know.
  9. password changed on all my accounts

    Please try contacting David on discord, David#5801.
  10. dolars coins pkr nh pure

    makes me wanna pure pk!
  11. PVP Bounty hunter suggestions

    personally i like it the way it is. good luck.
  12. Black Sail App

    Good luck.
  13. GWD Guides