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  1. I'm back. :)

    Welcome back!
  2. ragging

    You can view all of our rules here https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/1162-the-rules/ Most the time ragging is going out in magic short bow, no armor/gear and just attacking someone with Prayer On But we have a system in play to prevent this form happening, ::blacklist (Player ID) is how you prevent this from happening. IF you continue to keep making new accounts and continue to do the same thing over and over again then a moderator May step in and have you stop this Disruptive behavior at the end o the day the goal here is to have a good time and enjoy yourself here at Runewild. If you are doing something to prevent other people form having this enjoyable experience you may be penalized. -Thanks Know.
  3. Staff Application -- Hovaldo

    would make a great addiction to our staff team. +1

    this is old but it's in the spam section soooo.... WE ALL KNOW STAKING Is horrible take it from a personal degenerate himself.
  5. This would love to see what 1,000 zulrahs!
  6. 4ever m3lee's Staff application.

    I don't know to much about you so i don't say much but I will offer my advise, Don't wait to become staff to become more active on forums Start Now. keep going good in game and im sure you'll do fine, good luck brotha!
  7. Pvp suggestions

    lets get all of these polled i agree with some of them but the dragon claws accuracy is fine IF you ask me and the Angler thing is super annoying so ill +1 that. the Last hit on teleporting im up in the air on it If you 1 tic your specs correctly & are unpredictable you shouldn't have any issues getting kills.
  8. guide to becoming a runewild gambler

    got me cleaned m8 gg my kids wont eat now.
  9. Max Cape Perks

    HOLY +1000

    you what...
  11. runewild angry boxing simulator

    ayyyy lol
  12. Donator rank?

    yeah not sure why it isn't for me. will do!
  13. Need help making display bigger

    try re-installing the game if you're unable to fix it in settings tab.
  14. runewild fight club