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  1. Max Cape Perks

  2. Max Cape Perks

    Max Cape Perks Adding Perks to the Max Cape provides an incentive for people to grind and work on getting the achievement. It would pump money into the economy for resources and provide something to work towards aside from the collection log. If the max cape and skills are fully coded into this game, the cape should be useful, it's an incentive to play and provides a new tier of cape that's ahead of the curb. Max Cape Perk Suggestions: (Feel Free to Suggest more and critique) 1.) Built In Lock Pick for Axe Hut / Pirates Hut 2.) Free 100% Stamina boost 1x per day 3.) 5x Free Mage Capes Per Day 4.) Free Entrance to the Resource Arena 5.) 1 Free Invi Slot (Inbuilt Glory / Teleport) 6.) Cemetery Teleport 7.) Teleport To Slayer Task 8.) Max Cape zone (Better Xp Rates / Additional Boss's / Monsters) 9.) Make all in 1 cape (Competitionist Cape) by adding; Fire Cape / Mage Arena Cape I / Ava's Infernal Cape / Assembler / Mage Arena Cape II 10.) Ability to add seeds to the cape. 11.) Increased Drop Rate on Task 12.) 100% Success Rate When Slashing through Webs 13.) Free Imbued Heart 1x a Day (After Added To Cape) (Still Thinking so please suggest more)
  3. Mortem

    Mortem Join here: https://discord.gg/rBkBNMC
  4. Partypete44 / Sinister Staff Application

    Thanks for the support
  5. Partypete44 / Sinister Staff Application

    Please ignore my team, they are going to be the first ones muted in game for toxicity
  6. What's your in-game username? - Partypete44 What is your timezone? - GMT What is your playtime? - 12 Days Tell us a little about your gaming history. - Been Playing RSPS since 2012, been in plenty of teams and played by myself at times as well, i'm experienced with the game mechanics and people management, Been staff on other servers such as OS-Scape and Alotic. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - Highly enjoy Runewild, it's by far the best server out there and it's managed very well, I'm experienced with staff positions on previous servers like I've already stated and I think I'd be a very good fit here, I'm active, knowledgeable with runewild and good at resolving complex situations, I'm full of ideas on how to improve peoples experiences on this game and I'd like to work on them. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I'd be good pick for a staff position, I'm non-bias, and highly active, I'm also extremely organised. Thanks for reading
  7. Impact

    https://i.imgur.com/UDxEYhA.gif Impact was first created as a small group of friends who'd come from established 07 teams wanting to make a name for themselves on Private Servers, Knowledge of the game and chemistry as a team quickly rose Impact to the top. 2 Years down the line and Impact has obliterated every ounce of competition it's come across - there was no competition to begin with. The leadership and dedication of the members meant that no matter what the situation was, we knew we'd win. from 8 to now 40+ members. Impact will always fight for dominance and always win.. Tactics > Chaos Quality > Quantity Our Private Discord: https://discord.gg/aGastum Our Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/RsImpact
  8. Design'ARS

    great guy, them and Alpha are the first and only place i'll ever go to for art