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  1. Staff Update 1/22/2019

    we are the gang of the gang, congrats to everyone.
  2. Fourth week's KOTH Winner: Gambinos

    grats to gambinos, next time we bleed it.
  3. Good to be back

    welcome back buddy.
  4. First Solo Scythe in Game

    i'm going to finesse that.
  5. Design'ARS

    yo this sounds so amazing actually
  6. Viva Madrid's Introduction!

    Welcome to Runewild my friend Viva hope to hear from you in-game.
  7. HI im zig!

    Welcome, please behave yourself brother.
  8. Last Second Halloween Event!

    Support on this, good job putting this shit together this makes for a nice idea.
  9. Heloo!!

    Welcome to the community fam.
  10. Some messed up shit [PKERCOMPLETE]


    nice video I guess, lol.
  12. Ratlords Dominating The Wild - 2 - 20B PKed - VLS SMITE

    @G cool pking with ratlords 0l
  13. ELY

    trash i didnt get a split nor an invite -1+2-3+deeznuts.
  14. TS

    the music flowed well with it, i guess enjoyable
  15. RuneWild PK VID #1

    this video was good, comethazine +1