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    mad love
  2. Returning player

    thank you brother mad love <3
  3. Plague Official Clan Thread

    Username: Been StuntinTimezone: EasternK/D Ratio: 0.8Play time: 2 Days(other account was played for a solid year but forgot info) Language(s): EnglishDiscord: YesMicrophone: Yes
  4. Returning player

    Hey guys i am returning too runewild after about 7-10 months.. It's been sooo long since i played i forgot my login info which sucks and had to make a new account but i'm jus glad to be playing the best rsps server created again!! If any staff sees this post and doesn't mind helping me out with getting back into my other account it would b super super appreciated noted i was almost one with all achievs n have spent alot of hours and dedication on the account thanks in advance! P.S SUPERRR GLAD TOO BE BACK@!@!