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  1. Beautiful updates Davido, I like the '' Risk more for a bigger reward'', this will influence a lot of pking via Edgeville. Overall solid updates, keep up the consistent hard work, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  2. Email verification

    The Town crier is a very important figure via RuneWild.com, type !guide if you require any information, !vote now to support the server is what the Town Crier standing outside of Edgeville bank would like to let you all wonderful players know via RuneWild
  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy thanksgiving XcloudX my friend, have a wonderful day, much love appreciated
  4. vorkath

    I see where you viewpoint is coming from, yet Vorkath is a boss designed for the community to slay, which bring the community together, due to Vorrath dropping op items such as infernal cape, ancestral gear, dragon claws, as to why it's based in wilderness in a multi zone area, therefore do not support your suggestions to make a it a solo boss, although maybe a new central boss in singles zone would be nice
  5. Solid excellent hardwork updates Davido, keep it up with you all the way!
  6. Heloo!!

    Welcome to RuneWild W my friend, your more than welcome to come join our community chat via ::discord, enjoy your stay here and have a wonderful day

    Sorry for the Inconvinience but please try useing this useful link below regarding your client issue and if furthermore problems occur Pm “”David”” via ::discord, Thankyou much love appreciated, enjoy your day. https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/295-issue-with-launching-runewild-step-by-step/
  8. DMM Server

    Completely whole heartedly support this wonderful suggestions, if David has the time as Aj said it will be a huge update and David would have to balance each npc to give out a fair amount of rewards via make it fair for the community, +1 my friend
  9. How I Made 60B+ - Tbow Giveaway!

    Wonderful choice of song Pontus my friend, enjoy the winnings, incredible rng
  10. Rate the setup

  11. Toxins Intro

    Welcome to RuneWild Toxins, enjoy your stay
  12. vls ownage

    Banger things Kirby my friend, keep up the good pk videos respectively
  13. Hybridding

    On the top, keep up the wonderful vids my g
  14. Sorry for the Inconvinience that has been caused, didn’t expect this to come from our former staff member, we would love for all Rl members to stay as these issues can be dealt with accordingly by David, much love appreciated, enjoy your day