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  1. Staff Application

    Thank you brother Sir Roland, much love appreciated, enjoy your day <3
  2. Staff Application

    Np brother Winningg, anytime. Happy to see it's helped you and hope it helps the community along the way <3
  3. Staff Application

    Fairs brother, I understand where your coming from, I've tend to forget those things as I've since left the game and just returned, before leaving i was a moderator although i made the decision to resign due to irl being busy, yet I have have been reformed and returned since. I am confident it wont happen again and am more than happy to continue in a positive direction in the best interests of RuneWild, i appreciate your feedback brother and will take it in best interest to furthermore improve myself, thank you, love you, enjoy your day <3
  4. Staff Application

    Cheers brother Jelly, much love appreciated, enjoy your day <3
  5. Staff Application

    Thank you brother Doubler, much love appreciated, enjoy your day <3
  6. Thank you for your consistent hard work David, exceptional update, keep up the fantastic work!
  7. Staff Application

    Cheers brother Death, love you, likewise, enjoy your day <3
  8. David brother, thank you for your hard work and commitment to improve RuneWild day per day, beautiful consistent solid updates, keep it up, with you all the way, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  9. Imbued God Capes

    Excellent guide brother, thank you for making this, hope to see some more guides coming from you in the future, much love appreciated, enjoy your day.
  10. Name Change Scroll Fix

    Good suggestion brother Spudmo, name should be characterized as the way you would like it, as long as it's not offensive or breaks tos of RuneWild, +1.

    Nice video brother, keep it up!
  12. PK VIDEO 2.0 [Scythe of Vitur GIVEAWAY]

    Hello Wheelz brother, solid video, keep it up!
  13. Staff Application

    Thank you my brother Amozille, much love appreciated, enjoy your day!
  14. Staff Application

    Thank you brother, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  15. Staff Application

    What's your in-game username? - Cata What is your timezone? - GMT + 10 Australian Standard Eastern Timing What is your playtime? - 37 days 5 hours 20 minutes Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I play a lot of games on my laptop for e.g World Of Warcraft which is a enjoyable mmorpg which you just run around the world and collect lots of things, agar.io is a nice game, it's a cell where you eat another cell, eventually becoming big mass and winning the game until someone with bigger mass come and eat you for all your mass, another great game is RuneWild because it fun to play, it provides lots of content from pvp to pvm to gambling, this is fun especially the gambling part being flowerpoker as I enjoy seeing players flower poker their way to winning or losing, which gives a viewer such as me to see the entertainment atmosphere surrounding it, which gives me great joy.I enjoy Pure Nhing alot, have recently been practicing pure nhing skills to become a jedi in pure nhing. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I feel that my skills and knowledgeable experiences have prepared me to be a considerable solid member of RuneWild, I am always striving to become the best of the best learning knowledge along the way from anyone and anything, using my experience in the way of a good jedi, I will help the RuneWild staff team in multiple ways, for e.g one way is I will be active in my timezone giving less stress for other staff members who cannot login at the time, another way is abiding by the rules of RuneWild and punish players for not following the rules of RuneWild by dealing with scammers, rwters, flamers, and in general players not abiding by the republic rules of RuneWild. I enjoy working with the RuneWild community as they are all my family for life and i would like to and want a toxic free enjoyable gameplay overall building a strong community for all my fellow RuneWilders, to help RuneWild become the best rsps of all time, this is why i would like to represent RW as an active staff candidate in the Republic of RuneWild, as i know and feel that i am more than capable of doing to great extents. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: Had dominoes today, did a few farts, other than that tummy full, life is good. If you have hair problems, just apply monoxidil 5% solution x2 a day, should solve and a give a solution for male/female baldness, it doesn't matter if your a pvmer/pvper/pjer/rusher/tber/ahker etc, it comes as a whole package and works for all, hope it helps, much love appreciated my fellow RuneWilders, love you. Thank you for taking your time, to read my application, much love appreciated, enjoy your day my fellow RuneWild fam.