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  1. @DavidThank you for your hard working updates, absolutely stunning updates, keep it coming, much love appreciated David my bretherin, enjoy your day
  2. @David Keep up the hard work updates David, thank you for your hard work, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  3. UIM level 3 skiller.

    Gz pal
  4. Road To Max

    Gl my friend G Maul Pk3r, you can do it! Much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  5. Solid video, keep up the combos my friend Cooter, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  6. Revenants

    This will make pking more active if implemented, thank you for your suggestion my friend Viking, please keep it coming, much love appreciated, enjoy your day !
  7. Server Support Application

    My friend Crutches, i will do good job, best of my capabilities, on and off the court for RuneWild in a systematic professional manner with all systematic level 1 evidence based practice , please understand I know it's a very bold title, but it just be like that sometimes, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  8. What's your in-game username? - Cata What is your timezone? - GMT + 10 Australian Standard Eastern Timing What is your playtime? - 32 days 17 hour 20 minutes Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I play a lot of games on my laptop for e.g World Of Warcraft which is a enjoyable mmorpg which you just run around the world and collect lots of things, agar.io is a nice game, it's a cell where you eat another cell, eventually becoming big mass and winning the game until someone with bigger mass come and eat you for all your mass, another great game is RuneWild because it fun to play, it provides lots of content from pvp to pvm to gambling, this is fun especially the gambling part being flowerpoker as I enjoy seeing players flower poker their way to winning or losing, which gives a viewer such as me to see the entertainment atmosphere surrounding it, which gives me great joy.I enjoy Pure Nhing alot, have recently been practising pure nhing skills to become a jedi in pure nhing. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I feel that my skills and experiences have prepared me to be a considerable force in RuneWild, I am always striving to become the best of the best learning knowledge along the way from anyone Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: Yh, it's sunny today, feeling fresh Thank you for taking your time, to read my application, much love appreciated, enjoy your day my fellow RuneWilders.
  9. Me Gusta David my friend, solid, gj, keep it up!
  10. Sup dudes

    Welcome to RuneWild, much love appreciated, enjoy your stay W a l l a h
  11. What up

    Yes, sorry for replying to this topic Jelly my friend, I saw it in the topics sections via forums home page, RuneWild.com/forums, I didn’t go into introductions section on forums and scroll down to this specific topic, I appreciate your security over the forums, much love appreciated my friend Jelly, enjoy your day
  12. What up

    Hello my friend Rudra, I’m still knocking about, I see you a lot on discord, good to see you around, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  13. What up

  14. Player Started Tournaments

    This would be nice to see being implemented, lovely suggestiong Fux Boy my friend, keep it up, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  15. ::empty

    Wonderful suggestion Korianteri my friend. Keep it up, much love appreciated, enjoy your day