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  1. Max Cape Perks

    1) Nty 2) +1 3.) Nty 4.) +1 5) Nty 6.) +1 7.) Nigga anyone can do that atm, you rub the slayer shop enchanted gem to teleport to your slayer task 8.) +1 9.) Defo +1, would be nice to see a higher cape for more incentive 10.) Nty 11.) +1 excluding donor perks 12.) LOOOL +1 nigga fuck im not tryna spend 1hr slashing through webs 13.) dk Good suggestions overall ,keep it coming brother!
  2. rng in pking

    respeccc, India on my chest est 1900 during World War 1
  3. runewild and the mythical santa korasi

    good fideo, respeccc broda
  4. noice m8 David, u hard worker gooood =)
  5. My application

  6. LMS

  7. Staff Application

    More community interaction, talk more and you can be ez candidate for staff, gl
  8. Staff Application

    +1 no doubts
  9. Rizza Staff Application

    Pleasure working with you before, don't see why not again!
  10. Im back

    My boi Rizza back in de house, welcome broda, been a long time since we last spoke, missed ya =)
  11. Suggestions 3.0

    Great suggestions altogether broda, defo +1
  12. Finaly a introduction.

    Hello brother, i love your enthusiasm, keep it up. Welcome to RuneWild, we have a wild tight beautiful community, hope you mix well and enjoy your stay here!

    +1 for my g Ahmed!
  14. Staff Application

    Thx my g, love you, appreciate the kind comment, enjoy your day