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  1. Max Cape/Achievement Cape Realism Account

    Bro you a g, big respec, good luck with your future endavours!
  2. I killed 10k demonic gorillas! (Massive giveaway)

    I hope you enjoy the loot brother, well deserved now slay 20,000 gwd bosses that would be nice to see loot
  3. Servant Pet Usefulness at Edgeville

    I would love to agree on everyone agreeable opinion on this agreeable suggestion, solid agreeable suggestion bro, keep it agreeable! <3 =]
  4. Unlucky better luck next time, u got this bb gl
  5. Bet wc, enjoy your stay, and have a beautiful day =]
  6. vookaville vet app

    The BRO. <3 +1

  8. Hello Zoe Anne, my name is Cata I have level 126 main on Rune Wild and I also love to talk about life and fish on sunny days at Edgeville by the thieving lady. Your profile picture is beautiful and relates well to the aesthetic physique of your inquisitor robes outfit, have a good day =]
  9. add to collection

    I agree with Hanzo who has agreed on the topic which is an agreeable topic and needs to be implemented, goodluck bro, very nice suggestion, keep it coming!
  10. How to repair damaged Torva

    Masterpiece, I am not sure if I will ever come to Nex but if I do I will remember this from the bottom of my heart, kindest deepest regards, love you always The Beast, enjoy your day!
  11. @DavidBeautiful updates, consistent hardworker, never stop all the way to the top bro. I also like your forehead and shoes, I would like to give you a tight man hug and use those shoes for my next dancing session https://ibb.co/VVCCNZN
  12. Gtfomybed Vet App

  13. Metu's Veteran Application

    love you brother +1 <3
  14. Here i am!

    Welcome to RuneWild brother, we da best homies u ever gonna get, enjoy your stay