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  1. Ratlords weekend out - 1

    i owned this server dumbfuck
  2. Ratlords weekend out - 1

    Multi is a numbers game, if we recruited like 20 people we could wipe you guys completely out of multi, now throw it other to the other hand, gambinos will never contest ratlords in single ever if you think im wrong then either SRI us for 07 gp or stop dying every damn fucking day. Whether you guys seem to 'like' it or not, you're a cringe online mafia who lost their best members to ratlords and thats that. We own runewild and you aint gonna do shit about it. Since you're quite literally never stepping into our zone (single), we will make an offer to you Mafia boys Multi war vs us in an instanced zone which will be livestreamed by david for a 07 fee, it will need to be wagered by both teams because clout aint free boy Join our public discord to discuss setting it up, i wont be expecting any pms tho because you guys are fucking bitches
  3. Ratlords weekend out - 1

    hope u enjoy watching us pk
  4. Ratlords weekend out - 1

    Showcasing this weekend out with Ratlords Gambinos for max Gambinos kill Foreign Forces for complete max Gambinos kill Gambinos for max Impact death Nothing really unusual for us, if you want to be apart of the #1 RSPS team please PM any leader via the public discord. Stay up to date in the Official Ratlords discord : https://discord.gg/JaH4YuZ