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    if you're less comfortable posting your applications here, feel free to pm them to me
  2. Weaponize Team

    Weaponize/Pokemon Weaponize is a Singles team with 42 Current members we were formally known as Pokemon on our previous servers, dominating other servers and running all the competition out of the wild XD, every team we have fought we have closed, it will be the same here. No team will ever stand a chance. Now here to make out mark on Runewild and close teams such as Fgoons Mortem and Plague, we are unrivalled to any other teams and don't give up without a fight, Our memberlist is currently hidden for security reasons. We have intel/spies in other teams on this game and that's why we decided to play, you'll be seeing a lot of us soon enough (in your own Discords) We are however looking to recruit so fill in the form below if you are interested and we can check you out. #Wpz Form: How Old Are You?: What's Your Timezone?: What is Your Preferred combat style? (Hybrid/NH/Pure/Luring): Tell us about yourself (however long): What Is Your Team History?: Is There anything we should know?: How Good at Singles are you (Bad - Very Good)?: Are You Happy To Do A Tryout?: There Is No Team We Can't Close. Expect Us.