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  1. Ok will try zulrah with a couple setups. thank you
  2. Hello and this is loot from 100 Abyssal Demons! the loot - RuneWild (gyazo.com) the setup I used - RuneWild (gyazo.com)
  3. Hello this is my loot from 100 Greater Nechryaels, To be noted, this is a spawn account, I am new to RuneWild and this is my first post. more to come... took around an hour and a half with breaks in between. Basically afkable just bring super restores. To get there use Dungeons > Catacombs Also to be noted I am Super Rank. The Loot - https://gyazo.com/480672ac891e386e6f1b45c26db415d8 Set up #1 - RuneWild (gyazo.com) (Very good with slayer task) (Use Rigour & ranging pots) Set up #2 - RuneWild (gyazo.com) (Cheap route works good) (Use Piety & super combat pots) pvpLUC enjoy