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    Alright lets kick this off. Newly formed clan chat Blood Lust We will become the #1 MULTI clan not even capping. Let me keep this short n sweet we will be starting off with a select few that are well equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to beat the top clans, our only goal is to dominate MULTI and bring back that good ole feeling for multi pking that their once was!. So let me say this once if you want to take a seat with the Big Boys you know what to do. Also just a warning their will be tank tests for new members and a few other things that will be discussed ingame or on discord. We will be organized! We will be accurate! We will show no mercy! _BL Official informationOfficial Clan Chat name: Blood LustRECRUITMENTUsername: Time zone: K/D Ratio: (Screenshot) Play time: (Town crier @Home) Language(s): Discord: Yes/ No Microphone: Yes/ No Upon completion of this format: (PM ME (Blood Lust), Aubrey P.)