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  1. Crewlove

    nice video my friend
  2. PK VID #3

    nicely made video my friend
  3. Hello there

    welcome my friend from the west coast of canada eh ;P
  4. pk vid 9

    nice video my friend
  5. DMM Server

    i agree with aj the commitment david would half to make is outlandish and would take alot of time and resources that hes already preoccupied with new updates new skills etc
  6. poor guy

    yea right i was thinking the same thing nick haha

    very nice video my friend
  8. im pressive loot and kills my friend
  9. Gamble and Pets suggestion

    i +1 gambling idea but i think the pet idea is a little to custom for me but thats just my opinion thank u for putting this together though!
  10. DMM Server

    that would be fun haha
  11. poor guy

    it feels bad man
  12. ELY

    very nce my friend
  13. Bank Picture Thread

    Haha picture of his bank I'm dieing
  14. Spots Intro.

    Welcome my friend
  15. Suggestions m8

    agree but i think clanwars would be a great addition