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  1. Lethal

    dayum sick editing nice kills <3
  2. Wilderness Slayer.

    thats a great idea my friend maybe better larrens loots
  3. Main and pure nhing

    nice video my friend
  4. "death" abusing

    should post with a screenshot of abuse

    such a bait 200 players savages has 50 venes tops 200 lol get real my man
  6. ClosureOfSixth

    lol d spear wack ;D
  7. Raids 2 Guide

    this guide is made so well made it easy for me to learn thanks buddy
  8. Why did I get banned?

    banned from game or?
  9. Money making Guide

    nightmare is the same mechanics as 07 down to the t
  10. hoglets vet app

    thank u brother
  11. 6IXTH's Official Clan Thread

    Username: hogletsTimezone: -7 pacific standard timeK/D Ratio: https://gyazo.com/24c8ce60a2c034082ceb5f1953780d71Playtime: Screenshothttps://gyazo.com/4f0e4bbb5ba4f9965c0860efb72d5df2Language(s): english Discord: yesMicrophone:yes tons of clanning experiece
  12. hoglets vet app

    You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. im not big on forums but ill continue to post and comment and help to the best of my ability to grow runewild Account creation must be atleast 12 months old.https://gyazo.com/b791fa3bda41af10d2f0e974c59f1499 ive played davids servers for years loco rspspk Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. deffinatly surpassed this No severe punishments in the past 90 days. ima good boi never trouble im here full time i quit oldschool im a experienced player who helps with new and old players im a true vet its about time i get it thanks
  13. Raving in edgeville, short pure nh video

    honestly u have the cleanest fights nice video mate
  14. [B] sang [B] ELY

    hey man what can u do i sold my ely for 35b cause im clueless i fped 15b vs it lol