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  1. My introduction

    Welcome Welkom
  2. staking video 2

    Thanks for sharing
  3. Gambling Requirements

    You got a point.
  4. big staking pots

    Which program u used for this video? Thank you in advance EDIT: NVM LOLLLL ITS IN THE SCREEN
  5. Great Community Player !

  6. big staking pots

    Nice video, dont gamble it all(like me )
  7. Roof

    Please add the option to remove(disable) rooftops. Thanks.
  8. Major Suggestions

    Wonderfull Cata. This shows you are a true community player. I truely like some of the suggestions! Keep it up buddy!
  9. Hybrid Video #3

    Great content. Keep sharing !
  10. couple suggestions

    Hi Occupation, thank you for sharing. 1. This never occured to me. 2. This also happens to me. Cheers!