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  1. Hey guys! EP 4 is finnaly up! Sorry for the long wait time! I'm currently stuck on a 100% RNG Based tier, and I've been stuck there for a couples days now lol. Anyways, I gave this video my 110% In term of editing! I hope you guys love the new editing style!
  2. BaguetteRSPS's Staff application

    Appreciate it!
  3. hi im new

    Blowpipe is 70m rougly, There's alolt to do; PvM, Pking, Skilling, Gambling & more! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me in-game IGN: BaguetteRSPS
  4. The Battle Pass Episode 3!

    Hey there! There's a new episode out right now! don't miss the progress & enjoy the content ! <3
  5. BaguetteRSPS's Staff application

    Thanks mate! Always trying to reply to questions over yell! I'll make sure i'm more active in the help cc! Thank you sir !
  6. BaguetteRSPS's Staff application

    Appreciate it a lot my dear friend!
  7. Crystal Keys Collection logs

    I would love to see a Crystal keys colllection logs added! That would be dope AF!
  8. BaguetteRSPS's Staff application

    Thank you mate !
  9. The Battle Pass Episode 2!

    Hello everyone! The battle pass episode 2 is out now ! Make sure to watch it, and thanks to @Argile for this massive giveaway !
  10. BaguetteRSPS's Staff application

    Appreciate it gentlemans!
  11. BaguetteRSPS's Staff application

    Thank you both!
  12. About yourself? What's your in-game username? - BaguetteRSPS What is your timezone? - eastern standard time (GMT -5) What is your playtime? - 46 Days, 1 hour, 19 minutes Tell us a little about your gaming history. - Um where to begin... I started playing games when I was really young, I started playing OSRS Back when I was 5 years old. Back then, I remember I got stuck in tutorial island for 1 week... I just couldn't get past the Mining/Smithing zone. I didn't speak english so I couldn't understand what the chat box said but I loved the game so much I kept logging in every day to mine more ores and smelt more bars thinking it would eventually let me pass the next gate! Eventually I had to ask my older brother to help me out! He then showed me google trasanslate which was really bad back then, but just good enough so that I could understand what to do and finally got to finish the tutorial island! In 2009 I acquired my first pair of dragon claws! I was so happy! in 2011 I had my first ever maxed account, that was a solid goal for me and I had managed to do it! Then, as alot of people did, I stopped playing Runescape when Evolution of combat came out, Switched over to League of legends which I played for a few years. In 2015 my highest rank ever was diamond 1, I did my best to get to master but I just couldn't get there lol, I was stuck on diamond . I also played many others games including; World of Warcraft (I held Top 6 Ranking in 2V2 in Warlord of draenor until the end of season 17), Diablo II Lord of Destruction (I got D2R By the way), Warzone, The hunter Call of the wild(Many diamonds trophy) , fortnite, New world (Which I heavily no lifed, I was one of the first lvl 60s' in morrow server) and many others games but no big achievements worth of speaking of. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - The big question here, I see this opportunity as a chance to improve the community, contribute to Runewild RSPS, I already make a lot of content for the server but I would like to do more! I'm determinated to help the players to the best of my knowledge. Every staff members has a common goal which is to keep the server nice and cool. I also have that goal. I believe I am responding to the values required to be a staff member; Trustworthy, Honest, Helpful, Reasonable. My guidance could be very accommodating for many players. Overall, I think helping others, making this community flourish in a healthy way is important and having players with alot of knowledge is important in the staff team. Hence why i'm applying for the job. I'm super active & always have my private chat "on" helping who ever asks questions there. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I'll take a little bit about myself here. I'm 23, my name is Simon. I live in canada as some of you probably guessed with my timezone, I love sport, I go to gym about 3-4 times a week, I do rollerblading in summer and Snowboarding in winter, I work as a Heavy machinery operator. Recently I completed one of my biggest goal in life; Buying my own house! I also have a wonderful girlfriend (By the way she's an amazing cook) who I been living with for 6 years now. That's about it about for myself. I look foward to hearing from you guys, what do you think about myself being a part of david's team!
  13. It's been a while but i'm back with some new unique content! A brand new series is here! The battle pass Episode 1! 3B Giveaway, make sure to watch the end!