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  1. Weaponize Team

    Gl but you forgot to say that you are here on runewild and used a different server name, edit it please
  2. Infernal/Avernic/B Ring(i)/Fer-Gloves Combo User's

    I would like to also see some type of risk/reward for using such items as well as being a perfect money sink, the numbers on death would have to be revised though Very well put topic ill get @David to have a read
  3. Skilling CC / Efficient Community

    Best of luck lad, you would be suprised how many skillers/irons are actually on here!
  4. !bank command

    As nig nog said you need to buy/use a bond to activate your donor status
  5. supanova vet application <3

    Just going to leave this here @David @Wheelz Rule 3. Gravedigging Hide contents Rule 3. Gravedigging To some the term "gravedigging" might be somewhat new so let me explain it to you here; Gravedigging is looking up old posts to comment on them to either boost your post count or bring that post back to life. After a certain period we simply don't want you posting on a topic so usually we end up locking it, if a topic isn't locked and you use it to boost post count this can be called gravedigging. It's not something we will ban your forums account for however we will give you a firm warning. If you do continue gravedigging after this warning you risk getting your account suspended for an indefinite amount of time.
  6. Hp Veteran Application

    Should of already had it true vet 😍
  7. supanova vet application <3

    Gravedug old posts and never even heard of you. Goodluck

    Been a pleasure to be on this long journey with you @David all you though all you built from the bottom up
  9. interesting update bring's something different to the table to stop things going stale so I can see the reason behind it and could be a lot of fun goodwork like usual david <3
  10. Loco toro? Fuck that brings back some fun memorys ? #tacoscape
  11. Ratlords Domination | Impact Leadership Audio

    The lads! Miss pking with you lot
  12. 725M OSRS Tournies | 19th until 25th of November

    Good work @David also enjoy popping in to see your progress