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  1. 725M OSRS Tournies | 19th until 25th of November

    Good work @David also enjoy popping in to see your progress
  2. How old is your account?

    I think mines even longer back on realitypk and rsps pk 😂
  3. Gamble and Pets suggestion

    Other than duel arena i dont agree with gambling at all, unless there was a complete scam proof system, spent 70 percent of my time as admin dealing with scams and scammers where i could of spent time elserwhere also feel theres more important stuff david could be doing
  4. I find it amazing to see how far you have come @David i remember the old days still with mick, keep it up mate
  5. this is bang out of order
  6. Gambinos Kill ratlords for 500m

    funny how when you get hit you just leave that person to die and de gear to mystics or run to rev's cave joke of a team with a joke of a leader, flaming people for bolt rag when steaklover is on your team a ragger who does not even last.
  7. State of legion

    They need to hurry up and realise there is nothing but deaths and mockery for them on our server

    I didn't think id like this as normally find advertisment vid's all a bit cheesey but this was pretty damn good!
  9. Ranking system.

    Your leader flames more than anyone. Cheers for the 500m though stupid easy just like we expected
  10. #Legion pk vid 7

    more known than you legit ever will be not that i care its a fucking video game you retard
  11. #Legion pk vid 7

    looking forward to it, tell your leader to stop dying in fall ins please and thanks in advance for the crappy 100m u were brave enough to put up for sat
  12. #Legion pk vid 7

    not a single kill on ratlords in this vid but claim 7-2? and wheres our audio leak?
  13. So... I'm Back?

    welcome back jay
  14. My fans?!

    Never heard of you.
  15. My fans?!

    Love how you chose to single me out but its ok ill explain a few things to you 1. We are one of the most dominent rsps clans we log into rw for tourneys and hits thats about it if your in our way when you log in your getting wiped out 2. Iv been pking with rl for coming on two years now so dont know why your suprised im with them 3. Rl easy has some of the best brids/nhers in rsps scene (dogcat ect) 4. Your never getting in so stop @ing me fanboy.