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  1. Speaking another langauge

    has nothing to do with anything but you didnt even warn me or anything i just logged in there are many new players so they get a insta 2 day yell ban tf your crazy and you should implement when donating letting players know if they do speak another lanauage they cant speak it etc non of this is mentioned when taking the money is the point the fact that your slimey enough to enforce a rule to this extent instead of warning me amaze's me l0l but no worries this is here for everyone to see i know im not crazy, btw like i said your the only staff ever to be a dick since i have been on the rest of the staff are cool as shit even rep + them to bad you dont fall in that categorization
  2. Speaking another langauge

    TALK ABOUT SOME BS L0L "yells are seen by the entire server and shouldn't be of annoyance where another player can't read what you're saying." l0l0l your a legit dumb ass so if a person who is spanish cant read english that falls under annoynace l0l the rules "laws" on here a stupid imagine being ajured by the courrt for this l0l
  3. Speaking another langauge

    @Death so if a spanish person cant understand english you shouldnt yell should be speaking english on yell l0l doublestanrds much you really realize how dumb this rule is and about maybe the only rule you can really enforce on daily you feel like a great staff for banning someone for saying hi to each other ? or is this supposed to be a joking toxic community where we all be like fuck and disrespectful to each other ?
  4. Speaking another langauge

    @Death horrible staff, Please work on your skills and understand your job and dont abuse.
  5. Speaking another langauge

    I had just logged in and someone said hello in spanish on yell and I replied whats up in spanish on yell and death instantly banned me on yell for two days no warning or anything just logged in and what really bothers me is that myself and other people who may not speak english donate to the server but we can use or language? seems kind of odd that the person will take our currency but not allow us to speak freely of our laugage i feel like this is why you need a true strong staff team, Im biligunal and if I was a staff I could see if someone was saying stuff bad etc or other people who know of the language can screenshot and report a person but to be getting punished for speaking a lnauage is a bit toxic and feel racist if you ask me and death your a bad stuff I explained even to you and said not a good enough excuse like bro you got no power over your life irl probably and you come on here feeling enttiled buddy your the defition of a horrible staff truly and I dislike that you would punish an inocent player based off the assusmutiopn you saying you told everyone yet as I told you I had just logged in and not only to mention I be at ::gamble and its hard to see chats.
  6. Exploiting your talents! - Share artistic views!

    as always thanks for the support guys!!
  7. ALL SM0KED Mod Application

    As of today I have observed all smoked and actually has turned around and helped me showing me his true colors I now see he is over all a good person trying to enjoy the game!!! continue to be great!
  8. Hey guys I am artist/producer as well and I love creating music if you guys could check out my cloud https://soundcloud.com/realamatic_j/understanding-realamatic I am willing to show real support and love to the community if you make music,draw have any talents anything I can help with let me know love giving honest feed back as well and could use some real honest loving supporters!! Comment your talents show off music and work!!
  9. Off Topic - Staff

    Your entitled to your own opionion but staff have redirected me around ingame and have given me several advice on pvm methods,whats afkable or not etc. @Brokah However you are active on forums since you joined last wednsday I love the activity keep it up my brother!
  10. Hello Everybody!

    Welcome my brother!
  11. Off Topic - Staff

    Since I like to give honest feedback two of the most resourceful helpful staff since I have been on has been eternals and gmaul pk3r them two really respond too help and yells and so much more I love how they help players and have no ego just do the job and go about thier business! Another thing staff should be very active on forums aswell as ingame I see some people applying for staff spots I would like to see some feed back and forums more active @David whenever you get a chance maybe implement some sort of ingame forum game to gain something ingame idk make players have a reason to have the forums open and refresh it every once and while!!
  12. ALL SM0KED Mod Application

    and when I say strong we are already strong I mean stronger this server has so much fun to do and if players were alot chill and not addicts and we can some how get them to see they can spend few hours ingame pking get some bank and turn into something huge at gamble like many ways to go about it but i love it!
  13. ALL SM0KED Mod Application

    Listen I strongly suggest that you guys get active in help cc just put auto typers on sometimes with all the gambling going on and all the comotion the server looks like it has some players feel like they wont even have a voice or chance in the server time to make the community strong ingame and forum wise!!!
  14. ALL SM0KED Mod Application

    I KNOW THAT IS A HUGE LIE NOW -1 I HAVE BEEN IN HELP CC ALL DAY FOR HOURS SINCE I HAVE STARTED HAVE ASKED MANY QUESTIONS IN CC YET TO SEE HIM RESPOND TO ONE AND NOT ONLY TO MENTION I SAT THERE FOR A LONG TIME asking players where do I use treasure keys in game and even asked multiple times in the cc, not a single response and not only to mention his pm's must be off because I have yet to see him online since I added him you my friends list.
  15. ALL SM0KED Mod Application

    New to game havent seen you around much at edge but will be looking out to see how you are as a person do to seeing players say your toxic at times.