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  1. Realist Community - Join 'Realism CC'

    Best clan chat out there to grind & have fun!
  2. Skilling Suggestions 1/1/2022

    Hello, i've been really grinding runewild skilling side and would like to suggest few tweaks and changes to the current skilling side of the game. 1- Wilderness resource arena minor changes. Since wildy resouce arena gives *DOUBLE* resources, i suggest giving double XP (Or a boost) on skills that are not gatherable. Such as: Cooking, Crafting, Firemaking, Smithing, Herblore This would make some skillers train there, with coins & resources brought by themselves, increasing the risk within the place and bring a hole lot more PKING activity there. 2- Add a ::empty command This command would help a bunch of players that are in need of emptying unwanted items. Such as bank cleaning, getting rid of useless skilling resources & more. Having a confirmation text pop out "Are you sure you would like to Empty your inventory?" 3- SkillCapes - This one has been suggested already Asign the level requirement to each cape to wear. Who isnt proud of a hard earned 99 skill? Seeing anyone wear a 99 slayer cape, which can take days or weeks just takes all the respect away. 4- Agility alternatives - Iron man accounts benefited too The only 2 Agility alternatives are: Gnome stronghold / Wildy Agility Course I'd like to see more courses added into game, sush as rooftops. These would help out the grind for HCIM accounts that for 1-99 Agility are foreced to either train all the way to 99 at gnome course (950 Laps) or to risk their HC status at the Wildy course. I suggest adding 2 alternative agility training courses, such as Seer's Village at 60+ and Ardougne at 90+ Those 4 are some i'd like to suggest right away and see if there is any interest in applying SKILLING changes into the game by the players + staff team. I'll keep grinding!
  3. skillcapes are irrelevant

    +1 Support, ive been skilling my ass off and will start suggesting more stuff like this. Give 99 skill or combat capes some use would be great to see it implemented!
  4. Plague Official Clan Thread

    RECRUITMENT Username: sk1lz 2 l1fe/sk1lz rsps Timezone: gtm -3 K/D Ratio: (Screenshot): 3.39 https://gyazo.com/8abefae8285715fc96705a4131bdb102 Play time: (Town crier @Home): 3+ days, main over 10 cause i skill https://gyazo.com/a24635fe62041b75d0b0c7608a65b03c Language(s): spanish english Discord: Yes Microphone: Yes