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  1. How to Vote & A Bonus for Newbies

    Good Guide to everyone who has started
  2. Cu Veteran Rank App

    GoodLuck on vet rank brotha Cu
  3. - Road to Top Page Hc -

    Welcome mate! Gl in your progress
  4. Mercy CC

    apply in discord do ::mercydiscord in-game to get link
  5. let'ss goo great work in this update
  6. veteran rank

    GL GL for it!
  7. Loot from 1,000 Skotizo! Bank loot? - MASSIVE GIVEAWAY!

    peww nice vid man!
  8. Mercy CC

    join discord ::mercydiscord in-game to apply
  9. Completionist Cape

    Could be cool see this in game

    I think the dark bow and abyssal Dagger shouldn't be nerf, that items could be good for ppl who've can't buy a voidwaker, so with that 2 weapon they can fight ppl with voidwaker
  11. HARD CORE - Stats + Bank Update

    has nice bro, gl on HCIM
  12. Al-Qaeda Veteran Rank Application

    Good Luck for it!