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  1. What's your in-game username? - Xavier What is your timezone? - EST What is your playtime? - https://gyazo.com/5d4213497cf2955e7d39f0a3ad22478a Tell us a little about your RSPS history. - I ran a server called beastlypker, we had about 100 playerbase. Then i was a mod on RogueX. Been playing rsps' in general since they first opened, and you had to go and type the ip into the webclient and sign in that way..... Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I feel as though there are certain times that im on and there is not an available staff member, and would love to be that guy who is able to be on when others are not. I feel as though I'm a nice and understanding guy who just wants the server to be a place i'd want my child to be able to log into and enjoy his time without having to deal with people like Tyler(Static moron) on a day to day basis. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I've never said a bad word in my life
  2. Last Second Halloween Event!

    I was paid 150m to comment on this
  3. #1btw

    U rly arent anything special lol
  4. Ratlords Dominating The Wild - 2 - 20B PKed - VLS SMITE

    Blessed to be with the Best
  5. Mikki pk vid 1 + 250m giveaway

    Dope Vid mikki Im a really big fan
  6. Not my type of music but still an entertaining video, quality could be improved ign: 0
  7. Couple of Suggestions

  8. Almost LOST BANK Staking! - 2 AGS GIVEAWAY

    Good video babo still better yter and he's cuter
  9. yaky ak talkeri diot


    you got the name nas with quavo as a pfp
  11. Dubai shit [PURE HYBRIDDING]

    At 31 secs you ranged with mystic might on at 44 secs you missed mystic might and maged with retribution on at 1 minute 19 secs you missed your mage pray and got maged on with prot from missiles on at 1 minute 51 secs you missed prot from missile and got bolted a 28 at 2 minutes 33 secs you 9 ticked your gmaul * still got kill * at 3 minutes and 2 secs you clicked your range pray off at 3 minutes 6 secs you messed up your switch in conclusion, good video I liked the song + 1 brodermen
  12. Staking HUGE! - 100m GIVEAWAY!

    You look sick did U get your flu shots +1