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  1. Sarzock's Application

    +1 this guy knowss what hes doin
  2. Last Second Halloween Event!

    I was paid 150m to comment on this
  3. #1btw

    U rly arent anything special lol
  4. Blessed to be with the Best
  5. Mikki pk vid 1 + 250m giveaway

    Dope Vid mikki Im a really big fan
  6. Not my type of music but still an entertaining video, quality could be improved ign: 0
  7. Couple of Suggestions

  8. Almost LOST BANK Staking! - 2 AGS GIVEAWAY

    Good video babo still better yter and he's cuter

    you got the name nas with quavo as a pfp
  10. Dubai shit [PURE HYBRIDDING]

    At 31 secs you ranged with mystic might on at 44 secs you missed mystic might and maged with retribution on at 1 minute 19 secs you missed your mage pray and got maged on with prot from missiles on at 1 minute 51 secs you missed prot from missile and got bolted a 28 at 2 minutes 33 secs you 9 ticked your gmaul * still got kill * at 3 minutes and 2 secs you clicked your range pray off at 3 minutes 6 secs you messed up your switch in conclusion, good video I liked the song + 1 brodermen
  11. Staking HUGE! - 100m GIVEAWAY!

    You look sick did U get your flu shots +1