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  1. Xans N Loud Staff Application

    definately a +1. guys been on here forever and always been a bro.
  2. skillcapes are irrelevant

    all the trainable skills in the game that have skillcapes ... why tf can you wear those capes without 99? please fix that dude... why would i go for 99 slayer if the cape can be worn with level 1.
  3. Add the handcannon

    so what if we already have the ballista... you can use it if you want, im trying to get some variety to the game for similar or same weapons. i like the animation and look of the weapon so please dont have a negative attitude for new ideas? chill out and go use your ballista. i think alot of people would like to use something different than the same setup everytime they go pking? even if its the same but looks different, everyones got there own style. i say add it, use the ballista or handcannon its your call but they should both be in the game, such a sick weapon
  4. Add the handcannon

    would you be down for it?
  5. Add the handcannon

    Just remembered back when I played rs just before the eoc update there was a range weapon called the Hand cannon, it was insane for pking , and was out around the same time as the korasi sword as well. Just wondering if anyone else would be interested in getting the handcannon brought back though. Please like my post if you agree , and comment your opinion. Thanks for reading