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  1. Log Drops from 100 Cox!

  2. Explain this Raids RNG please.

    Here's an update 80 cox kc later: nothing.
  3. Prevent Crystal Dupes

    On Iron accounts, it's very difficult to get full crystal because you can get dupes and the drop rate is already extremely rare. It should be difficult to get dupes. One way perhaps to do this is to introduce the crystal armour seeds. In OSRS, you can decide which amour piece you want to make, instead of having to be reliant on rng to get the piece you want. Any other strategy is fine with me as long as it makes it harder to get dupes for crystal.
  4. Buy infernal cape or save for scy?

    Buy infernal now. Once you have the extra 1.5m, sell infernal and buy scythe.
  5. Fix Cerb Prayer Drain & Increase Drop Rate

    Oh wow apparently you're right. Need spectral. I didn't know that. I guess forget #1. #2 still stands. Thanks
  6. Balance Changes

    1. Increase Brimstone Ring Pieces drop rate at Hydra The ring is worth 500m-1b and it is not even that good. It's dead content because of how rare it is. In OSRS it is worth 3m, similar to a berserker ring. The entire ring should be dropped at hydra and should be a common drop so that people actually use it in PvP. 2. Nerf BP and Increase Crystal drop rate OSRS Nerfed the BP when they introduced BOFA. Runewild has not nerfed the BP yet, making bofa basically useless in PvM as BP is always better. With the nerf however, BOFA and Crystal drop rate should increase. It is currently unbelievably rare for someone to get them. Easier to get them on OSRS than in Runewild. 3. Nerf Nex Loot Table and Buff other Boss Loot Tables AFKing at a nex mass gets you way more money from common loot than even the uniques from other bosses making the rest dead content. Godwars, Cerb, Dag Kings are almost all dead content given how trash and rare their drops are. 4. Increase Serp drop chance to make it common in PvP Serp is worth 100m, as much as AGS and claws. No one pks with it for a reason. In OSRS it's worth way less than AGS.
  7. Add SCORPIA boss to donator dungeons.

    -1 Wildy bosses should be in wildy
  8. Servant Pet Usefulness at Edgeville

    Agreed. It should also pick up all loot in the minimap, triple the amount, and autobank them while we're at it.
  9. Salve amulet

    +1 Support. The main use of it is supposed to be in rev cave where you're supposed to fight revs skulled. This is dead content because it protects over bp, viggora, craws bow on death.
  10. "Trigger187x" RWTing

    Trigger187x pmed me out of nowhere saying "How much u selling?" perhaps as a proxy to start a rwt conversation without saying something directly incriminating. After I yelled about his PM, he goes "I got proof of u buying so gl." I recommend that you investigate this dude for rwt. If you're asking why I'm posting this here. It's because no staff is active.
  11. 1. When you pray correctly on the 3 ghosts that come up while fighting Cerb, you are drained 30 pray points each. It should be 15 points each like in OSRS. It's only 30 if you don't pray correctly. 2. Raise drop rates. I know multiple people who have gotten 1 crystal every 200kc. That's terrible for how worthless these crystals are.
  12. Why are Ironmen achievement rewards so bad? Look at the below comparison of completing all achievements for regular account vs iron account: If an iron has unlocked caskets, we should be getting casket and box rewards from achievements. I'm not just referring to the completing all achievements award. All the other achievements just give gold. Finishing all weekly achievements (kill 250 revs, fish 1500 anglers, cut 1500 magic logs, etc) gives 12m GP only, really?
  13. Allow Ironmen to get Corp drop w/ Normals

    What are you talking about?
  14. Currently, Ironmen can never get drop from Corp if Corp is killed with other non-Iron players. Corp is always farmed 24/7 by normal accounts. This means that the only way for Ironmen to kill corp or to do their corp slayer tasks is to recruit master+ Ironmen to do it with them. There's probably less than 5 active Ironmen that are master+ in the game. This means that Ironmen are almost locked out of corp, which is ridiculous. Please allow Ironmen to farm Corp with normal accounts and to get loot so long as Iron has the highest DPS, the way it works with every other boss.