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    support idk why havent you got a youtube rank your the most active nher ingame keep up the good content brother.
  2. staff application - blue dream z

    You must know the rules of our game. You must not have any previous bans on record. You have to be active both in-game and on the forums. In the case you get declined you have to wait at least 7days before re-applying unless told otherwise. About yourself? What's your in-game username? - What is your timezone? - What is your playtime? - Tell us a little about your RSPS history. - Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: mr blue dream do you mind using this format for your staff application please to make look more clean thanks bro.
  3. Imbued ring

    that should be fixed tbh you should me "cali" ingame and let him know since hes making a thread of bugs to get fixed.
  4. hi ricardomilos

    gratz to both of u sad i was not online when that happend but prestige will still share 1b or you cali
  5. What up

    nice brother hope to see you soon.
  6. Ags Giveaway & Stream announcement

    hey brother keep us updated with the stream timezones, if you need anything ingame just hit me up IGN- high risker --
  7. 3 suggestions

    i agree, on the first one tho it could be very useful tbh but on the 2nd and 3rd up to david tbh but the first one about tradingpost its very very useful bro.
  8. Imbued ring

    are you using protect item? if you are you can keep all 3?
  9. high risker staff application-

    thanks alot ethan, already talk to david about my history but i try to prove ive change brother.
  10. high risker staff application-

    thanks for your comments but you as a stream should focus on not flaming people or paying people to ragg players as i showed mods proof of that thanks for your comment fam have a good day.
  11. high risker staff application-

    thanks for your support fam,
  12. high risker staff application-

    thanks, and yes even if i dont have the rank as a mod ive been helping them ingame sometimes they dont understand and im their to help.
  13. Bio dead for max :/

    great job boys keep up the great work.
  14. i love the update, but i hate the casket thing because i sold over 70 green casket for 300k ea -.- i just got no words.