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  1. great price guide looks decent.
  2. Staff Update 5/29/2019

    gratz to everyone hope to see some great work from the new admin @Prestige maybe now david can work on paying the pvp leagues or else just shut the league so people stopp asking for it.
  3. I've been staring it this for 6 hours now

    did you just made me waste 1 min of my fucking life to see this shit? fuck off ty.
  4. Corporal Beast Event

    my clan will offer prottection if you guys pay for it we 20+ always online lmk. pm ingame or here if you will like to pay for protection.
  5. brazilian guy-- new video (giveaway)

    the original owner will make hes own forums account soon --- like and comment your ingame name.
  6. Mining Guide

    helpful guide brother thanks for this really helpful for me fam.
  7. nice kill pics fam keep it going.
  8. great update like always.
  9. PvP Leagues: Season VI - Winners of Season V

    yeah bro /kills/
  10. Lots of suggestions/bugs

    i support all those ideas you have/ also the one i love more is the trading post command it will be nice to be ::Tp i mean it be so lit to do that david should add some of that.
  11. First Commentary

    my friend, elfish your videos are well done i enjoy watching them into the end keep it up fam, if you want to get new content on multi pking/pvming etc msg ingame.
  12. high risker staff application-

    did you read what he said? he said hes new?
  13. Nh stake and 4vs4 pure nh tourney

    nice video brother i enjoy this kind of content, make sure to keep uploading videos of runewild.
  14. high risker staff application-

    thank you for your comment brother.

    support idk why havent you got a youtube rank your the most active nher ingame keep up the good content brother.