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  1. Delete

    /Closing thread for now. #irons isn't getting much activity in the cc. I will keep the clan chat open to anyone wanting to join but I will not be actively advertising the clan name, etc. Thanks to all that participated and enjoyed it's short time, maybe it will become popular someday.
  2. About yourself? What's your in-game username? - Hp / Irons LEADER OF THE BEST CLAN #IRONS What is your timezone? - CST/GMT-5 What is your playtime? - Inaccurate, I've been playing off and on since Rspspk-RW v1 Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I came to Rspspk looking for a place to pk, but I found myself enjoying the forum aspect and in-game knowledge much more intriguing. I worked very hard in-game and eventually applied for staff in 2016 and became a Server Support for Locopk under the name Tommy. Although this did not last long I eventually resigned after being deployed by the military. I have since then played under the name Hp since the release of RuneWild. I also do some amazing graphics that not many people can do, it is all self taught as well! Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I do it for the people. I am not greedy at all, there has never been a will to abuse the system or try to cause problems in the community. If someone has an issue I try my best to solve it. I'm constantly looking for ways to bring the community together because without us we are nothing! @David continues to be a better version of himself throughout each project, I have never stuck with an owner of a RSPS this long.. and I have been playing RSPS's since 2009! Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: Thank you for reading!
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    Lots of new members joining for the free membership! Make sure you get to 500+ total level and you are welcome to join anytime!
  4. Official - PRICE GUIDE - 2020

    Thank you! I'll be adjusting these today.
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    Glad to have you!!!
  6. Delete

    PLEASE DO! I want this to grow, the Ironman grind is real!
  7. Delete

    Clan has disbanded. /Delete -Thank you!
  8. I would love to see some type of reward system given to players who complete a full collection log for a respective boss. The reward should be worthwhile for the time spent killing the boss. Example; Once I complete all 8/8 items listed from Chaos Fanatic I will be rewarded with X3 Ultra Mystery Boxes.. Prizes will differ based off how difficult the boss is. Bosses will break down in tiers based off how challenging they are and the higher tier bosses will give players a much higher reward for completing the collection log. + PROS + + New End game content for players. + More wilderness activity due to the amount of players PvMing. + More players will buy donator for ::di so they can boss more. + Boosts player count! ------------------------------------------- - CONS - - Developer Time will be needed. - What if a player already has a collection log completed prior to the update? Unsure.
  9. Official - PRICE GUIDE - 2020

    Fixed, thanks for the feedback!
  10. ALL PRICES LISTED are subject to change at any moment due to future content, constant changing of prices through the Trading Post, etc. so please do not rely solely on this thread for reference. If you feel a price needs to be altered for any reason please find me in-game 'Hp' or feel free to post below. ~ Thank you > > > Recent Changes: March 15th 2020 [last update] - All item images are corrected from previous Price Guide thread - Colored values are given per item - All Nightmare equipment has been listed - Torva set added - Korasi added - Vesta's set added - Ring of Vigour added $$$ Recent Price Changes: March 2020 $ PRICE CHANGE: Justiciar pieces from 3b to 2b $ PRICE CHANGE: Christmas Cracker from 750m to 1.5b $ PRICE CHANGE: Black Party Hat from 1b to 3b $ PRICE CHANGE: Black Santa Hat from 1b to 2.5-3b $ PRICE CHANGE: Black H'ween Mask from 750m-1b to 2-2.5b $ PRICE CHANGE: Sanguinesti Staff from 3.5-4b to 2-3b $ PRICE CHANGE: Blue Party Hat from 750m-1.5b to 1.5-2b Hold "CTRL + F" then type the item you wish to search for. Platinum Token's = 1,000 coins 1k tokens = 1m / 10k tokens = 10m / 100k tokens = 100m / 1m tokens = 1b Colored Values Green = 1m - 100m Orange = 100m - 1b Red = 1b - 10b Purple = 10b+ Prices listed with a "+/-" next to them are constantly changing in value. ~ Donator Store Items ~ Kiln ( Diamond Donator Item) - 25b +/- Wise old man's santa hat - 1-2b Mask of Balance - 500m-1b Woolly Hat - 50-100m Infernal cape - 1.5b +/- 100 credits scroll ($10) - 500m +/- Sagacious spectacles - 200m Blackjack table - 1-1.5b +/- Mystery box - 80-100m +/- Ultra mystery box - 250m +/- Pet mystery box - 500m +/- 3rd age Mystery box - 750m Kandarin headgear 4 - ? unknown ? Varrock armour 4 - ? unknown ? Morytania legs 4 - ? unknown ? Falador shield 4 - ? unknown ? Fremenik sea boots 4 - ? unknown ? Wilderness sword 4 - ? unknown ? Fancy Strong Armour (1) Top - 1b Fancy Strong Armour (1) Bottom - 1b Fancy Strong Armour (2) Top - ? unknown ? Fancy Strong Armour (2) Bottom - ? unknown ? Snow imp set - 1-2b +/- Skeleton set - 300-500m Bunny set - 2-3b +/- Chicken set - 2-3b +/- Shayzien (2) set - 500m +/- ~ Caskets ~ Red Casket - 5-10m +/- Green Casket - 30-40m +/- Purple Casket - 200-250m +/- Gold Casket - 350-400m +/- ~ Rares ~ 3rd Age Mele full Helmet - 500m 3rd Age Melee Platebody - 1b 3rd Age Melee Platelegs - 1b 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield - 500m 3rd Age Mage hat - 400-500m 3rd Age Mage robe top - 400-500m 3rd Age Mage robe legs - 400m 3rd Age Mage amulet - 50-100m 3rd Age Range coif - 25-50m 3rd Age Range top - 150m 3rd Age Range legs - 150m 3rd Age Range vambs - 25-50m Druidic Wreath - 50m 3rd Age Druidic robe top - 50-100m 3rd Age Druidic robe bottoms - 50-100m 3rd Age Druidic staff - 150m 3rdAge Druidic cloak - 250-500m 3rd Age Longsword - 1b 3rd Age Bow - 1b 3rd Age Wand - 1b 3rd Age Pickaxe - 300m 3rd Age axe - 200-300m 3rd Age Cloak - 1b Christmas cracker - 1.5b +/- Rainbow partyhat - 6-7b Black partyhat - 3b Partyhat & Specs - 1-2b Blue Partyhat - 1.5-2b +/- Red Partyhat - 750m-1b +/- Purple Partyhat -750m-1b +/- White Partyhat - 750m-1b +/- Green Partyhat - 750m-1b +/- Yellow Partyhat - 750m-1b +/- Red h'ween mask - 350-400m Blue h'ween mask - 350-400m Green h'ween mask - 350-400m Black h'ween mask - 2-2.5b Santa hat - 500-600m Black santa hat - 2.5-3b ~ Ultra-Rare Sets (1 set in-game) ~ Each set is likely in excess of 10-20b +/- Cow outfit - ? unknown ? Ankou outfit - 500m ea piece Samurai outfit - ? unknown ? Mummy outfit - ? unknown ? Robes of Darkness - ? unknown ? - 150m ea piece ~ Raid Items ~ Ancestral hat - 35-40m Ancestral robe top - 125m-150m Ancestral robe bottom - 125-150m Kodai wand - 200-250m Twisted bow - 350m +/- Elder maul - 600m Dragon claws - 100-120m Prayer scroll - 250-400m Twisted Buckler - 30-50m Dinh's Bulwark - 200-250m Dragon hunter crossbow - 3m Dragon sword - 4m Dragon thrownaxe - 200k ea ~ Theatre of Blood (Raids 2) ~ Justiciar faceguard - 1.5-2b +/- Justiciar chestguard - 2b +/- Justiciar legguards - 2b +/- Avernic defender - 1.5-1.75b +/- Sanguinesti staff - 2-3b +/- Ferocious Gloves - 1.5-2b +/- Ghrazi rapier - 2-2.25b +/- Scythe of vitur - 4-4.5b +/- ~ Torva Set ~ Torva Full Helm - 4-4.5b +/- Torva Platebody - 4-4.5b +/- Torva Platelegs - 4-4.5b +/- ~ Neitiznot faceguard, Vesta's Armour & Korasi's Sword ~ - Neitiznot faceguard | Basilisk Jaw - 500-600m +/- - Vesta's Platebody - 1.3-1.5b +/- - Vesta's Chainskirt - 1.3-1.5b +/- Korasi's Sword - 1-1.5b +/- ~ Nightmare Items ~ Nightmare Staff - 1.8-2b +/- Volatile Orb - 15-20b +/- Harmonised Orb - 10-15b +/- Eldritch Orb - 5-10b +/- Inquisitor's Great Helm - 1-2b +/- Inquisitor's Hauberk - 1-2b +/- Inquisitor's Plateskirt - 1-2b +/- Inquisitor's Mace - 1-2b +/- ~ Vote Shop ~ 1 Vote point - 5m Crystal key - 1-3m ea Kraken tentacle - 3.5m Dark bow - 600k Magic shortbow scroll - 5m White dark bow paint - 5m Blue dark bow paint - 5m Frozen whip mix - 5m Ring of stone - 25m Armadyl godsword - 30-40m Bandos godsword - 20-25m Saradomin godsword - 20-25m Zamorak godsword - 20-25m Amulet of torture - 15m Amulet of anguish - 15m Occult necklace - 15m Amulet of fury - 15m Dark infinity - 8m Light infinity - 8m Dragon sq shield - 8m ~ God Wars Armour and Weapons ~ Bandos chestplate - 30m Bandos tassets - 35-40m Bandos boots - 5-10m Armadyl helmet - 15-20m Armadyl chestplate - 30-40m Armadyl chainskirt - 35m Armadyl godsword - 100-120m Bandos godsword - 30m Saradomin godsword - 35-40m Zamorak godsword - 30m Armadyl crossbow - 100-125m Saradomin sword - 5m Zamorakian spear - 5-10m ~ Staffs ~ Sanguinesti staff - 2-3b +/- Nightmare Staff - 1.8-2b +/- Trident of the swamp - 50m Trident of the seas - 5-10m Staff of the dead - 5-10m Staff of light - 10-15m ~ Barrows ~ Dharok's set - 8-10m Guthan's set - 2m Karil's set - 4m Torag's set - 2m Verac's set - 2m ~ Amulets & Rings ~ Occult necklace - 3m Amulet of fury - 5m Amulet of torture - 500-600m Necklace of anguish - 400-500m Tormented bracelet - 500m Ring of suffering - 300-350m Archers ring - 2m Berserker ring - 2m Seers ring - 2m Warrior ring - 1.5m Ring of wealth - 25-50m Ring of Vigour - 1b +/- Amulet of the damned - 2m Berserker necklace - 2.5m ~ Boots ~ Eternal boots - 30-40m Pegasian boots - 40-50m Primordial boots - 40-50m Infinity boots - 2m Ranger boots - 3m Dragon boots - 1.5m Guardian Boots 10-25m ~ Shields ~ Dragonfire shield - 20m Ancient wyvern shield - 250-300m Dragonfire Ward - 30-40m Odium ward (or) - 8m Malediction ward (or) - 8m Malediction ward - 3m Odium ward - 3m ~ Zulrah ~ Zulrah's Scales - 10k ea +/- Serpentine helm - 200-250m Tanzanite helm - UNTRADEABLE Magma helm - UNTRADEABLE Toxic blowpipe - 200-250m +/- Toxic staff of the dead - 100-150m +/- Magic fang - 50m +/- ~ Alchemical Hydra ~ Brimstone Ring - 150-200m Dragon Hunter Lance - 2.5-3b +/- Ferocious Gloves - 1.5-2b +/- ~ Corporeal Beast ~ Elysian spirit shield - 40-60b +/- Arcane spirit shield - 3-4b +/- Spectral spirit shield - 250m +/- Blessed spirit shield - 1.5m Spirit shield - 700k ~ Wilderness - Revenants, etc. ~ Ward upgrade kit - 1.5m Dragon Pickaxe - 5-10m Dragon Warhammer - 150m +/- Revenant ether - 50-75k ea +/- Viggora's chainmace (u) - 5m Thammaron's sceptre (u) - 3-5m Craw's bow (u) - 3-5m Statius's warhammer - 350m +/- Vesta's longsword - 200m +/- ~ Vorkath ~ Ava's Assembler - 1.5-2b +/- Dragonfire Ward - 30-40m ~ Cannon Set ~ Cannon barrels - 500m +/- Cannon base - 500m +/- Cannon furnace - 500m +/- Cannon stand - 500m +/- Full Cannon Set - 2-2.5b +/- ~ Miscellaneous Items & Shop Items ~ Infinity hat - 400k Infinity top - 400k Infinity bottoms - 400k Dark infinity hat - 8m Dark infinity top - 8m Dark infinity bottoms - 8m Light infinity hat - 8m Light infinity top - 8m Light infinity bottoms - 8m Obsidian Helmet - 2.5m Obsidian Platebody - 10m Obsidian Platelegs - 10m Heavy ballista - 30m Dragon javelin - 30k ea Abyssal dagger - 5m Abyssal bludgeon - 100m Master wand - 2m Robin hood hat - 3m Mage's book - 10m Granite maul - 750k Dragon spear - 700k Leaf-bladed battleaxe - 15m Dragon kiteshield - 2m Dragon platebody - 15m Dwarven helmet - 3m Tome of fire - 8m Hunters' crossbow - 8m Dragon crossbow - 700k Burning amulet - 30-40k Ring of Coins - 20m Ring of nature 50m Infernal Pickaxe - 1b Infernal Axe - 1b Imbued Heart - 100m +/- Huge shoutout to @rayp for his Price Guide prior and template used!
  11. Can you undo the ip please?

    Post in the correct section. - https://www.runewild.com/forums/forum/52-appeal-for-your-offence/ Making threads like this will not help your case..
  12. You must have at least 50 posts on the forums. ✔️ Account creation must be at least 12 months old. ✔️ Your past 30 days play time must be at least 50 hours. ❎ - Ingame my playtime is not being displayed correctly because I could not play during 2019 (IRL situation, work, etc.). I have been playing Locopk - RW v1/v2 since late 2016-early 2017. I am an Ex-staff member/Graphic's Designer with the old name Tommy from Locopk days. Players that can vouch are Rudra, Wclord, Arch Angel, David, etc. No severe punishments in the past 90 days. ✔️
  13. Hp - Suggestions!

    Although I have not played any of 2019 I am back to see Runewild become the best server it can be, hopefully some of these suggestions are considered! I've constructed a list of suggestions for content that will make Runewild a bit more enjoyable. I've also color coded this list from what I feel is Priority, Important and Minor. Add a Coffer to the armour repair stand, each time you break armour it will automatically be repaired as long as you have cash inside your coffer Prioritize BH targets by only giving BH targets to those who are not already in combat I feel like the Presets interface could be worked on greatly. It hasn't changed much since it's initial update, possibly create a more user-friendly type of interface Autocasting needs to be reworked, when autocasting is enabled it should instantly cast but instead there is a delay Autocasting vs. clicking spell -> casting (correct speed) Rewards should be given for completing Collection Logs for Bosses, etc. 'Right Click' examine on any NPC and it will open the corresponding Drop Table Guide for that monster Add more incentives to PvP while risking - Example; Using ::highrisk and risking a certain amount will greatly improve your chance of obtaining caskets from killing players 50M+ risk - improved normal casket rate by 50% 100M+ risk - improved purple casket rate by 50% 250M+ risk - improved gold casket rate by 50% Add a ::pure command which teleports you west of edgeville wilderness line When a PvM drop is broadcasted it will also display the Kc for that drop With the introduction of Pre-Eoc items like Torva Set I would like to see the Divine, Primal, Moriggan's Set, Flasks, etc. added in some type of way whether it be strictly from PvP or inside a Boss Drop Table. Less P2W methods of obtaining these would be beneficial More Cash/Item sinks - Example: When attaching 'kits' to items they become permanent untradables, when you die with these untradables they become 'broken' and the price to repair is much higher. Remove 3rd age items from the vote shop/Remove 3a Boxes. It really devalues these items and I feel they should stay on a 'rare' table of sorts whether it be from Mystery Boxes, Crystal Keys, etc. Add more timers such as Divine potions, anti-venom, etc. King Roald lottery seems to be lacking greatly. Possibly have the lottery draw capped per 2-3 hours instead of having to wait 24 hours? Trading Post - Search User (self explanatory) CREATE more incentives for becoming an Ironman! I feel with the introduction of these tiers we should see more players joining for this experience. Not all players coming to Runewild are here to Pk 24.7 ~ Thank you for reading my suggestions!
  14. Make rsps great again.

    Nice bridding, keep it up.