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  1. Official - PRICE GUIDE - 2021

    Thank you @Ep1! Without players such as yourself this thread would be hard to manage. I appreciate it greatly!
  2. Scythe of vitur VS verzik

    This is skill, well done!
  3. Blackhats veteran application

    Definitely an og!
  4. Subterfuge - 500 killstreak! Short NH Vid

    Oh no!! I'm planking at 1:20.. feelsawful. I had no idea you were on that high of a KS! Gz
  5. Hp's Suggestions List

    Yeah I had one but idk how I got it
  6. Hp's Suggestions List

    Updated a few, thank you for the feedback fellas! <3
  7. Purple Honeycombs

    I made you 2 versions, enjoy mate! @ALL SM0KED
  8. Hp's Suggestions List

    Add 1 or 2 bank booths to the outer walls of ::shops, add the bank booths positioned toward Wilderness. Donators+ only - ::food command spawns manta rays instead of sharks. Increase tournament rewards! 50M in-game gold is almost worthless scaled to our current economy. Add a $10 scroll as the prize per event, this would encourage lots of activity. Player-set prizes for tournaments. Add a 100M-1B fee to add 'X' amount of reward toward the next tournament prize. (fee will be determined by the value of the prize) Tournament host can set the type of tournament as well. GREAT cash sink! Increase the speed of obtaining a BH target. 'Right click' examine on any monster and it will open the corresponding Drop Table Guide for that NPC. With Pre-Eoc items like Torva Set I would like to see the Divine, Morrigan's Set, Flasks, etc. added in some type of way whether it be strictly from PvP or inside a Boss Drop Table. Add timers for divine potions, anti-venom, etc. *edit* 3/10/2021 Add more Runelite type plugins! It would be PHENOMENAL if we had tile markers, this is vital for some players who do raids, etc. Add an access to the Edgeville dungeon and incorporate new NPC's here. Possibly terror dogs? When you ::highrisk and then do ::unskull you lose the redskull and it shows that you have no skull at all, but you are actually skulled until you are in combat. (this is more of a BUG) Add Dwarven Helmet to the melee shop, it's the best crush bonus helmet. Unable to spawn/not sure if it's in-game? Remove assigning BH targets to players already in combat. Tokz-xil-ak (Obby sword) is not coded properly for it's attack animation, it may also need a buff/re-work. Add a tracking system interface for Daily/Weekly/Overall achievements, this can be toggled on/off by selecting the achievement. (Big QoL update) Toggle absorption for Bracelet of Ethereum does not work, please fix. Revenant weapons that have existing ether on them should have the ability to remove the ether without it depleting, currently it is deleting the ether as a whole when the weapon is reverted.
  9. Theatre Of Blood 2:07

    That's insane!
  10. Veteran rank

    Alcoholist sounds familiar.
  11. OSRS Autocasting

    It would be nice to have a toggle button that allows autocasting between melee/staff switching, same concept as OSRS.
  12. Official - PRICE GUIDE - 2021

    Will edit, thank you.
  13. Official - PRICE GUIDE - 2021

    Thanks for the updates! Good to be back! <3
  14. Runeworld video

    I like the 'ching' sound/text each time you k0, nice!
  15. Official - PRICE GUIDE - 2021

    Updated accordingly.