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  1. Thhhaaaankks for the sexy rendering. #include mastery capes for realism using these new gpu updates
  2. Thieving in Realism eyes

    thaaanks, an hour is nothing, I mean whats that? 41 stall thefts? and anywho, theres always 2 or more players trying to thieve from the same stall, so I had more than enough time! ^^ yes, yeees PP is useless, but thieving as a skill here is useless, so is agility, and herblore. so what would be the harm in creating a small minigame with useless rewards on a useless skill? the only upside is it gives those training something other to do than to click every 5.24 seconds
  3. Thieving in Realism eyes

    Hey gents and lady, my name is Quaid and Im from South Africa and today, lets discuss this pain in the sack, boring as nails, paint drying skill we currently know as Thieving. First! background! nothing is without its roots right? well Im an old rs player, and i love skilling, optimizing the numbers and maximizing the efficiency of the grind! practically we can find an optimization for every skill in runewild, in someway I guess, whether it be gear changes or note/unnote strats, we can make every skill optimum! but one, this one pain in the ass if I may say so. This damn thieving skill, theirs no optimum route, no way better than the obvious click and click and click and well you got it click again. yea sure I can click away in Ardy for steel bars for my tiaras, sure i can maximize at 2 stalls per grind, but cmon now.... this is nothing more than a carpel tunnel driven road to madness here. before I list my suggestions, let me go through what is currently available, and I, am in no way a form aficionado so bear with me alright? The current method as stated in forums and as logic blatantly makes it out to be is this: 1-5 : pickpocket woman 5-99 : steal from these here stalls in ::home. cool, i guess. https://imgur.com/a/kKinlwu the first obvious thing, is the absence of NPCs, so this rules out any pickpocket other than that single lonesome woman at ::home that seems to have more GP than the youtubers on this server. so we....only....have....stalls...... alright. so, we, only, have... stalls... thats OK! well we can take it a step up here, and add efficiency into this mix, a quick look through where we can go, and what we can do takes us to draynor. draynor has 2 seed stalls here, and thats that, i guess thats not much for efficiency as it produces less than a single silk stall steal at this point, so we move on.... to relleka! Well damn, we cant steal from the fish stalls, and it the furs are so far apart this doesn't seem at all worth it! OK, hope in Ardy right? Ardy has it all! silver, spice, gem, bakers, dammit you name it! https://imgur.com/a/jcAlFM9 efficiency says, since we always walk to the next stall even at ::home, silver to silk is best here until 65, done. 65 to 85 seems the same, OK, we go from spice to fur in ardy no problem! again we click mindlessly, with no optimization and no way to better obtain XPM than the developers intention. what about from 85? back to ::home for that sweet spice and gem stall? maybe to al kharid for that single gem stall? either way I know im in for another 1000 or more clicks per round, another brain dead task without optimization, and this should change. because it can. so, lets talk about cash. as a seasoned skiller, I put testicles on the fact that mining amethyst relates to the best skilling gpm available, and try test me! I have excel spreadsheets for everything so far! but here we get cash every theft, like incentive in a way, well wrong! this cash intake is less than kill yaks for bones my friends... and yes thats an euphemism but the points sticks! thieving grants no rewards in the form of monetary gains, and therefore no reasons to do so other than a natural need for that max cape. but theirs some cash i guess? From 55 up we can thieve from this here store in Ardy, run it to the silk store and maximize it in this portion of our 99 thieving journey right? fine enough. but dammit this is all we can do? other than banking the gems from the uncut stores its useless, and then still where the incentive? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Enough about my journey, I want to post some suggestions. and I have 3 for now. firstly let pyramid plunder be a thing. At the very least just the final room. accessible at some relevant level, whereby random amounts of pots can be thieved whereby the consequences like poisoning and damage remain the same. just a simple interactive room gaining around the same exp as the wildy agility when completed because lets face it, on a private server whats the use of thieving? the end prize could roll a table where the best incentive is an ancient staff? or runes likes deaths? to keep to the theme but to incentives the players? secondly add various pickpocket-able NPCs throughout the various home and known city spawns. Its not much, maybe 1 or 2 in most, hell even make the master in each skill at home pickpocket-able for resources of there given skill to further incentive other skills and again not just grind to that max cape? hell even in just a straight cash incentive, but something to break the monotonous grind between milestones levels set in stone by devs? thirdly. and i like this the most here. given a hardcore skiller of the wildy zone, make the banker there pickpocket-able, for something menial like 33k gold and only that. that wont only bring more attention to the use and necessity of that zone and why exactly its put there including its own function, but also give some lenience to those who have attained such a level and didn't bring the gold to note the resource from what ever skill they may be training there. whatever it may be, let me give you the TLDR TLDR Thieving is boring, repetitive and non rewarding as it stands. Make it rewards or at-least interactive through any mechanic already in the OSRS library, or at least make it as non nonchalant to level as agility for what use has it here other than the max cape? thanks for coming to my TED talk!