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  1. Animated & Static Designs

    Added in Banner Examples for people to reference more easily.
  2. Animated & Static Designs

    For the past 8 years I have gained a ton of experience in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. I love to create designs! Portfolio: Animated Banners Discord: OwningProds#1847 I am unsure what payment methods are allowed on this forum, but I will take what I am approved to accept.
  3. Plagues Breakaway.

    Username: OwningProdsTimezone: US-ESTMulti/ singles pker? Typically Singles, but Multi is great too!Play time: (Town crier @Home) - NOT LONG on here, but will be more. More experience on other RSPS's and OSRS.Language(s): EnglishDiscord: YesMicrophone: Yes