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  1. Vorkath

    I wanna have fun not pick on people that just wanna make money. I Know its the wilderness but on rs you can hop worlds if you see a team, so david needs to do something so pvmers can do something like that Make it singles > less wilderness > and maybe other wilderness bosses that go on the same time so its harder for clans osrs has 100+ worlds you can hop from if u see pkers, here you will just get stacked by like 8-13 ppl and u are fked, no skill no fun.
  2. Vorkath

    I agree with skulling after attacking but their is an issue Clans and timezones, leaving players unable to do shit. on runescape they have multiple servers so the effect of a big clan isn't major and cant camp a spot and defend it but on here if say 1 clan has 15 members on or 10 and they go to vorkath then its over, no world hoping its just over, you cant fight them, you dont stand a chance. In my opinion their already is an issue with the vorkath let alone adding skulls to the equation. This server is just clans, i understand its the wilderness but i kinda stopped playing because if you are not in a clan, you are basically not allowed to go anywhere besides edge.
  3. Dicing fix (dice bag)

    I’ve never seen anyone yell risk fighting 30m or 40m they would probably stake it so that point is invalid as they can still stake it dicing is dead cause it’s so complicated and requires the host to send a request I was hosting for 30 minutes and found 8 betters People do and would bet as dicing has always been in the rsps community and not to mention the game finishes fast they just need to work on adding some stuff. No dice bag animation and the player can not request to gamble, thats pretty big as it makes dicing stale. Imagine staking and there was no whip animation or dds animation and all you can see is the amount you hit. Yes it effects nothing in terms of if you will win or lose but it ruins the feeling.
  4. Dicing fix (dice bag)

    My suggestions to fix dicing, i know its not broken but clearly its not very player friendly Suggestions: 1. If say i have a dice bag and someone wants to vs me they should be able to right click me and click "request to dice" and then they can choose black jack/55x2 or dice duel if they have a dice bag. 2. Remove the minimum bet, why is this here?. Its not a money sink, it LITERALLY, servers no purpose. 3. add the roll animation, so basically the host will do the rolling of a dice bag animation and then the numbers pop up. number 1 suggestion is crucial, because right now players have to ask you to request it on them. Please @David add these, most people dont gamble(dice) and it could be cause of this, dicing is very fun and it seems like its not very easy as a player trying to bet
  5. Donator island ideas.

    Maybe adding a boss that spawns every 30 seconds or so and best drop is like a super mbox or leg mbox and there is only 1 of them: therefor only 1 kill every 40 seconds or so and the rare drop table wont be hit that much times making this not overpowered but not useless. sounds nice but what items we talking, since there isn't that much stuff thats good
  6. dh needs nerf

    Honestly i know i made a post previously about pking and i might be wrong on some aspects on that thread but i know dh is op Everytime i vs someone i try to veng combo them but they just sit at 60 hp and still hit high (like around 60). <(you might be like, but if he hits then his hp drops, well you are right but then i hit 0 because dh has high defense) Now i may be wrong but shouldn't it be the lower hp the higher chance of hitting high, if im wrong ok, dw about it but im pretty sure its op af I hit 0s non stop and they can camp 55-70 hp and still hit high
  7. Events for Oceania

    About that UTC+10:00
  8. Events for Oceania

    Right now all the events happen at around 4-5 am my time, which i understand is not peak but at least 1 event for bm would justify it or do some good. I can't stay up like some other plays until 4-5 am just to participate in an event So im suggesting adding like 1 or maybe more events for the Oceania players
  9. rng in pking

    Sigh...... So you are saying armor doesn't matter, weapon of choice doesn't matter, nothing matters. Of course not, they do matter and help determine the result of your hits and i started a discussion as to is this game just rng and by that i mean does it have a combat system thats reliable rather than just hit and pray u hit high This isn't the duel arena, pking is suppose to be skill and yes a bit of rng but 90% skill 10% rng
  10. rng in pking

    the people like you give the rsps community a bad name. Its so simple, posted this in the discussion section, talking about the combat system and what do you think to reply with "This hurts my brain.". I never complaint, just opened up a discussion that you clearly don't wanna be involved in, so don't reply if you have nothing to say. This isn't a suggestion, just a discussion on pking but it seems like the players that play runewild are happy with what they have
  11. rng in pking

    That’s no where near my point you are basically saying “it’s rng so what’s the point” which makes no no sense because the only thing I’ve noticed is that rng isn’t really in pking Combat > my armour and my opponents armour should be taken into acount The weapon used then the stats these things give attack of the weapon Defense of the armour your enemy is wearing and then you should get a % of if you will hit them the rng kicks in nope on this server its 0 0 0 0 0 30 0 0 40 ah why not spec 20 0 Ah why not spec 70 Combat system has no consistency. This server might be good for briding nhing but when you go to melee combat it’s dead broken please keep in mind this is all my opinion on this disccusion And you replied why? Take the 1 post count and leave
  12. rng in pking

    I know its rng but its not completely as the owner has to make the stats etc consistency is my concern my ags usually hits a 0 but sometimes a whip hits 20-40 non stop then hits 0s and we both hit 0s i know this is an issue as its not like this on 07 and im pretty sure the owner wants to make it like 07 go pk on 07 and tell me you and your opponent both hit 0 5x and then spec 0 with ags 2x and then you die to your opponents whip because he kept hitting 40s and you couldn't even out eat it I know im not bad nor good but if i can't even do a combo because of consistency then there is a problem Seriously i have been in 150+ fights not 1 person has killed me with a combo or anything like that Im sorry but something is wrong, shit my friends wont even play because we were pking and i killed them because we had same gear and they couldn't hit shit for 3 fights and i could, that should explain a lot.
  13. rng in pking

    Ive been pking for a decent amount of time and one thing i've noticed is the pking system is like 90% rng or at least it is in trying to do something that involves skill Example: one of my fights my ags hit 2 0s and the persons whip hit 43 twice and a 46, ok thats just one fight but trust me this happens every fight for me and when it goes in my favor i notice it and feel bad for the person i am vsing cause they dont stand a chance. Same thing for dh, why are people allowed to stay on 60hp and still hit 60-70? thats unfair and makes no sense. This isn't the duel arena skill should be involved, if i always teleport away from my fights ill barely have any kills or deaths, i just stick around to the end to not get bored. and the speed of weapons are weird not sure if its just me or this is how its suppose to be, but ags vs dh axe and dh axe hits first, once again not sure if its meant to be like this. Is this just me or is this happening to any of you? This is just a discussion about pking, because i see a decent amount of people complaining about this and it happens to me too.
  14. Donator Island/Rank Suggestions

    ::unskull every idk 30 secs or minute change dzone spawn location or change the place where u teleport to, i dont know why you teleport away from the bank and altars.
  15. Bank pin and mystery box

    1. Mystery box items and rate Why have 3 mystery boxes with the same loot but different % It makes mystery boxes and super mystery boxes less wanted, just change the items and make all the boxes more unique. I don't have a list of items to change it but i don't understand why 3 mboxes same items different rate, i'd understand if there was 2 mboxes and the super mbox gave better items and higher %. I feel like that one is self explanatory as you never see anyone buying a normal mbox 2. Bank pin If you have a bank pin and its not entered, why are you allowed to trade/stake/drop/use loadouts. Please block those things until the pin has been entered, you can add ::enterpin so its faster. People can literally use other peoples bank if they get hacked by using their loadouts if they have any good items there.