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  1. Defense cape

    thats good to know! i was thinking for the road to max cape that they could add it.
  2. M70 staff app

    Thank you! 😊
  3. GIM

    Hello, not sure if this has been suggested yet, But what about making a Group ironman mode? I've played it on osrs for a little while when it came out and it was super fun, maybe like a 4-5 man team?
  4. Staff Application

    Nice app man, Wish you the best of luck.
  5. Scythe 100% If I were you though I'd get infernal and then sell when you have the other 1.5b
  6. M70 staff app

    Thank you so much, means a lot.
  7. M70 staff app

    Thank you man! Appreciate the support.
  8. M70 staff app

    Thanks man! The best of us shall rise lol
  9. Staff Application

    You applied!!! Goodluck dude! Hope you get it.
  10. M70 staff app

    Thank you! you've taught me a lot

    Nice video man! I gotta practice on nhing I suck so bad lol
  12. Staff apply

  13. M70 staff app

    Thanks man!! Really appreciate all your guys support
  14. why jail me rwt

    https://www.runewild.com/forums/forum/52-appeal-for-your-offence/ Both of you appeal right here
  15. why jail me rwt

    Probably because you Guys are posting in the wrong section