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  1. Hi I'm thinking of buying a pixel art signature from someone on Fiverr, but I'm not sure what the limitations of this forum are. Can anyone please tell me; File size limit? File type required? Height/width limit? Anything else that I'm unaware of that might restrict what I look for in a signature?
  2. New player with Q's

    Hi Just starting on this server, wasn't a pker on osrs, played RSC and rs3 and thought rs2 would never take off so I quit at that time I'm already 1 kill 10 deaths so I can only see this going extremely well. I've figured out how to get the dragon defender, but I can't find anywhere on the website to verify my email for the free 5m. Also, I'm not sure why I keep some gear when I die, but lose other pieces. Can someone please explain this system to me? Cheers Trav