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  1. Donator (BOND)

    biggest load of bs, i hop on every so often to brid and use my perks to my advantage to yell or bank and get spec back faster. I paid over 1.5b for my rank and to have to continue paying to use it with no money-back or no source of income to lay off some of the donators is kinda stupid
  2. Gambinos Kill ratlords for 500m

    anyone got beef with my ratlord niggas lmk and ill fry u all one by one
  3. staking video 2

    nice vid, however try using camtasia and youtubing how to do the mini-glitch to make it without the watermark for free. Also, don't commentate ingame chat, like "2.8b pot" we can clearly see that, would be nicer if you commentated with voice.
  4. Killstreak bonuses

    support, only if all killstreaks are looked into so boosters get wiped. This was an issue on the previous server, big killstreaks paid out too much every 5-10kills and people decided to boost. However this is avoidable and definately worth adding.
  5. Major Suggestions

    You have put alot of time and effort into this, i feel like some of these should be looked at going into the game.
  6. yh

    thanks g tyty hello
  7. yh

    yh its me hello everyone knows who i am
  8. Video 2

    nice one bro
  9. Pk - 1

    nice one dad
  10. Free set

    nice loot hm did u sell for