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  1. Vet App

    I meet all the requirements, I am an OG.
  2. Lol I leave for a couple months and come back to not being able to wear my max cape. Like the new content but can't rock my cape now
  3. buying scythe of vitur

    Still buying?
  4. Rate Fortnite Montage

    I put this montage together for fun, let me know what you think
  5. I destroyed dh tourny

    Haha same thing happened to me! Exactly how I felt ?
  6. Selling 3rd-Age-Fullhelm

    Only 1b?
  7. BEST OF KIRBY #1 & #2

    I like that 76 ags hit
  8. new to run wildy

    Great introduction. Doing good here.
  9. Buying PartyHats

    Ye ty. I need 3 more for rainbow
  10. Buying PartyHats

    Iam trying to purchase a purple, green and red partyhat. I will also purchase Christmas crackers if anyone has any. Pm me in Game or reply here.
  11. Selling phats

    Do you still have purple and green?
  12. High risk video 1B+ LOOT + GIVEAWAY

    Some very nice smacks with that dh axe haha
  13. New Vid

    Been a while my dude. Good vid, keep it up!
  14. RuneWild Video 1 - Go show love

    I like the vid! Good stuff! Almost knocked me at the end