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  1. WE MADE 10B

    Brilliant Video bro
  2. Realist Community - Join 'Realism CC'

    I'm glad this is becoming a thing, we hit 30-40 people last night and only a few days since starting this, it's nice to see another chill little clan having fun and helping each other, those who want to join honestly more than welcome whatever mode you are !
  3. Realist Community - Join 'Realism CC'

    Thankyou man I hope it goes well, bring realism together a bit and for us all to chill in, it's averaging at 20-30 realism players atm, tbh anyone is welcome. there's been Ironman and all sorts popping in, loads of giveaways and more once the cc is settled <3
  4. Hello my name is realism CC. i have been playing Realism for a few months on my main account and would like a place for all the realism members to be placed in! Please follow the normal rules on runewild whilst in the Clanchat. also please follow them on the discord Clan chat "realism Cc" discord : https://discord.gg/ctdXmYZ7RU