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  1. Amw Staff App

    Thanks Bud <3
  2. Amw Staff App

    • What's your in-game username? - Amw • What is your timezone? - British Summer Time Time zone in United Kingdom (GMT+1 • What is your playtime? - 25 Days play. • Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I was introduced to osrs by my older brother, and got really into it when I was young! Ever since then it's been a huge part of me ! I've supported on a few servers also, I have a vast knowledge of the game and would say I know what I'm doing. Currently I am running the Realism Cc to help support Realism accounts and ironman or harder, on their journey ! Which is progressively growing at 50+ Daily players with over 100 people in the discord • Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I got introduced to this server from a friend around a year ago now and I've really enjoyed it. I've noticed the lack of staff with a lot of the time during the UK hours there's barely any support staff on let alone Mods. Runewild is very active pushing over 1000+ daily and I think it would be abit more helpful with a few more ranked staff being able to help out ! As I say I'm always trying to help the community and give back, currently running the biggest Realist/ironman mode support / skill / pvm Clanchat within the Runewild community itself. have always enjoyed being Support/Mods on a game and have co ownership with a few people from runelocus. • Anything else you'd like to add? • I only work my daily job during the mornings and active 10 hours a day atleast ! Always wanting to help out and even if I don't get this position I'll continue to run the Realism cc and help out as much as I can regardless:) • Signed : Amw / Realism Cc
  3. Staff APP

  4. WE MADE 10B

    Brilliant Video bro
  5. Realist Community - Join 'Realism CC'

    I'm glad this is becoming a thing, we hit 30-40 people last night and only a few days since starting this, it's nice to see another chill little clan having fun and helping each other, those who want to join honestly more than welcome whatever mode you are !
  6. Realist Community - Join 'Realism CC'

    Thankyou man I hope it goes well, bring realism together a bit and for us all to chill in, it's averaging at 20-30 realism players atm, tbh anyone is welcome. there's been Ironman and all sorts popping in, loads of giveaways and more once the cc is settled <3
  7. Owner of realism Cc is : AMW & EU THE #NO.1 clanchat for help and support for Realist mode and ironman with 100 members in the discord ! we have a wide range of players that grind on the daily for max capes, 200Mil Xp caps, grinding for high-scores, diary achivemeent Cape and much more ! Many of us we really enjoying the community with 50 daily members and just overpassing 100 members in the discord ! We have a very fun tier system on how to rank up in the discord and in the clanchat ! We have many people in the clanchat hosting giveaways, bossing events like godwars, Chambers of xeric and so much more ! Anyone is welcome to join the community but we target Realist, ironman, ultimiate and hardcore ironmen to join our clanchat ! Please follow the normal rules on runewild whilst in the Clanchat. also please follow them on the discord Clan chat [Realism Cc] Discord link : https://discord.gg/2EesfjRnQb Big thankyou to those making this place an awesome clanchat with lots of enjoyment, laughs and happiness! Thankyou to the Generals and Captains that have helped out since day one making this place a very suppprtive clanchat ! Amw, EU 💨