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  1. The Return Of PLAGUE

    1. Ingame name: ilbeback 2. Timezone: UTC 3. Mic; Yes/No: Yes 4. Multi experience: Not much but im learning everyday! i solo pk often to learn new combos 5. Do you speak English?: i speak english
  2. Amw Staff App

    AMW is one of the nicest guys i know on this game, he helped me out when i started runewild and now he is still helping me. he ask often if im okey and if i understand everything whats happening. he knows alot about the server and he is loved to everyone i know who plays the game.
  3. Staff Application

    saved was the first person to get me started when I started playing this game. he showed me around the whole game. every time I had a question he answered right away! is always ready to help! he knows a lot about the game. even comes on the spot if you don't immediately find it to show the way. also regularly asks how you are doing and whether you have experienced any problems within the game. really a great and pleasant guy where you can certainly go with all your questions and problems!!