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  1. Add New Agility Training - Wilderness is Garbage

    My issue so much isn't that the Gnome Course XP isn't decent enough, it's obviously okay, but at 92 plus, which I'll be there soon I'd rather something a bit more peaceful for the Realism players like me. The farming kills at Wildy course is silly and sad. For no loot at all half the time.
  2. Hi boys and girls, I'll make this quick. IF it hasn't which I am sure it has, why is there NO other way to train agility other than Gnome or Wilderness? Add something else. Barbarian course with an in between XP would be a perfect compromise. I play realism and there's nothing real about NEVER being able to train agility. I'd say Barbarian Course (Horror from the Deep, Barcrawl miniquest course if you are unfamiliar) and maybe let it reward 250 experience for one or two little obstacles and like I dunno, say 24,500 for a complete lap. <3
  3. I got my first pet! Just a Rock Golem but that's a start! Edit: I went on a decent kill streak then lost a Ballista lmao. 40m tho' so no biggie :3
  4. Bah, internet is chopping in and out today >: (. No dice for me Died at ancient wyverns like 4 times now haha
  5. Thank you! Thank you! Haha, I'm a transwoman, so I'll waste no time making this joke.... Its the TRANNISH INQUISITION BOYSSSSSS. <3<3 Thank you for the welcome haha! Cya round!
  6. Hello, my name is Zoe Anne. I just recently started on this server after getting bored with OSRS. I have a Level 124 PvP account and my bank is like 4b so it's just boring. I rocked nex for like 500 KC on OSRS Release for nothing soooo I wanted to find something more fun and relaxed! Current Stats as of Feb 18/22(Date of Starting this Thread) Hi guys! I hope everyones doing well! I have some bad news. One of my partners caught COVID so I have to take time off work - I manage a legal dispensary. While sad, that means BIG GIRL GAINS! I'm gonna start with an easy one. BARROWS LOG! Currently 38/39 and only about 3-4 hours here! I'm still thinking of whether or not to save up a load of Vote Boxes and Boxes from logs for a grand opening or something... What do YOU think!? Stat Updates - Total Level Milestones and Achievements! PvP Adventures - KDR, Epic Kills and what I think are decent loots! Drop Log from PvM and Skilling Content!