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  1. M70 staff app

    Update: Sorry i've been away for so long, I had some IRL stuff to handle and am just now able to take some time for my self and start playing again. Thank you for reading
  2. Iron Family

    I dig this. nice post man!
  3. Staff APP

    huge +1, very friendly and helps so many people.
  4. Defense cape

    It'd be super sick, I didn't know that cape had that. Good to know!
  5. M70 staff app

    Appreciate you! Thank you.
  6. Defense cape

    Im not sure if it's hard to code but was curious if you make the 99 Def cape act like a ring of life, it'd give the hard-core Ironman a little insurance knowing when they had that cape on that it could possibly save their hard-core status.
  7. M70 staff app

    Thank you! Hoping I get it!
  8. Prevent Crystal Dupes

    Pretty good idea, I've opened at least 200 and haven't gotten anything.