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  1. M70 staff app

    Update: Sorry i've been away for so long, I had some IRL stuff to handle and am just now able to take some time for my self and start playing again. Thank you for reading
  2. Iron Family

    I dig this. nice post man!
  3. Staff APP

    huge +1, very friendly and helps so many people.
  4. Defense cape

    It'd be super sick, I didn't know that cape had that. Good to know!
  5. M70 staff app

    Appreciate you! Thank you.
  6. Account locked??

    Post it here. https://www.runewild.com/forums/forum/52-appeal-for-your-offence/
  7. Defense cape

    Im not sure if it's hard to code but was curious if you make the 99 Def cape act like a ring of life, it'd give the hard-core Ironman a little insurance knowing when they had that cape on that it could possibly save their hard-core status.
  8. M70 staff app

    Thank you! Hoping I get it!
  9. Prevent Crystal Dupes

    Pretty good idea, I've opened at least 200 and haven't gotten anything.