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  1. Loot from 5000 Callisto

    would of been nice to see the loot tab to get an idea of casket aswell
  2. Royal Area

    i agree and also, they need to update the rank benefits, it doesn't actually state that diamond and royal can host corp instances for example. it can be found through searching multiple threads. but considering its 50k points to diamond then 50k from diamond to royal, there really is no incentive to get to royal unless you make bank gambling and want somewhere throw excess money
  3. Drop rate showing actual numbers

    this will expose that the donation % increase is a myth so they wont do it. sadly
  4. Wellbeing suggestion GAMBLING

    I Agree, which is why im annoyed, i asked to be jailed for 5 days because i wasn't in a good headspace and had 700b+. my reply was "we dont do that, just gamble ban youself" which we all know is a joke... but even adding a much higher cost (maybe not set your own) would still help the game alot, its not the once with hundreds of bills that donate for bank back anyway its usually the ones that try their luck with 3b and lose and donate for it back. but considering the time limits would remain the same (eg one week gamble ban with 100b unban fee) would still be in the interest of the game as most people like myself after that week has past would return to gambling, but likely without the mindset i was in that led me to be going 500b+ pots lol alot of people have quit and not returned because of being cleaned completely. so i think it could benefit the players at a small cost to RW itself. but considering gambling and fp is a huge push in this game i would say this will be overlooked. another idea to counteract the "loss of money" would be to have the gambling unban cost ingame credits, as these kind of have a direct currency value to RW.... i know alot come in via mboxes and other means but majority come from donations, so it would be peoples donated money being tokened to unban peoples gamble bans...
  5. Uncommon drops are very rare?

    i believe you could be correct! i completed my zulrah collection log and the last item i needed was a crystal key lol!!
  6. Wellbeing suggestion GAMBLING

    soo yesterday i fell down the rabbit whole of losing over 750b after requesting a 5 day jail and being declined, i needed this 5 day break because i wasn't playing to play i was playing to gamble. i was shocked then asking for genuine help was completely shut down. my suggestion Gambling Ban - Currently the gambling ban for accounts and uuid etc has very small "unban" Fees, could there be a option added to set your own fee for the unban ? in this case i would have set my unban fee at 700b meaning it would be completely pointless to pay the fee and would of stopped me getting sucked into the torment of 19 busts in 25 fps. i understand this isn't likely to be of high priority but i know it could serve some people well. currently having to pay 100m-400m for a gamble unban makes it a completely pointless feature considering anyone needing to do this is likely throwing 5-10-20-50 or 100b pots so whats 400m going to stop? just a suggestion but it would of saved one playing from leaving the game, and i can count afew more than went through this and have since stopped playing.. MAKE THE GAMBLE UNBAN ACTUALLY HAVE SERIOUS COSTS 400m can be made from afew hours of ANY PVM... its a joke.
  7. Jailed on all accounts ?

    Reason: RWT RuneWild Name: Dream of RBS, MDMA is fun, r2hspec, Autech, Hi, ive just arrived home from being away the last day, my friend that is staying(r2hspec) informed me he had been jailed for RWT linked to my acc. this is inaccurate and we are deeply upset, we started playing runewild about a week ago and have throughly enjoyed it, we have put serious hours into realism accounds and same with MDMA is fun pking, we all started pvming and getting lucky, i recieved a ring of vigour in 8KC fanatic and my friends both hitting rares early. we played alot of flower poker and staked along the way. before i went away i took out some cash and my twisted bow (roughly 4.5b) and flower pokered it and lost. the next day after some pvm and chilling i knew i was going away and decided to try and get lucky at the duel arena, i traded my items from Dream of RBS to my spwn account to stake as dream of RBS isn't maxed. i went to the Duely and staked most of my remaining good items scythe-infernal cape- cash and other decent items roughly 5B and won, i doubled up and won again then did one last 4B stake. i've donated real life money into my account on here for GP (MDMA is Fun) and worked hard in pvm getting 91 slayer on my realism account. can this please be investigated as i did not par take in any blackmarket activity. i enjoyed pvming for my stuff and was investing the winnings into a higher rank on my Realism account. i really want to continue playing and supporting runewild with intentions to make further donations to upgrade my rank, i really dont want to lose my progress and time invested so far, also my 2 other friends accounts are jailed and any new account i create is instantly jailed. please help