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  1. Drop rate showing actual numbers

  2. Viggora's Chain Mace "Secret"?

    you need 1k ether to activate it's bonus then its 1 ether per hit to maintain the bonus so every hit will use 1 ether and will need to be recharged as you use up the charges. If you die you will lose all the ether that you have stored in the mace however it doesn't lose the 1k activate bonus you will just use the hits amount left ether
  3. Spawneable store for Realism players

    you can buy the spawnable stuff in the shops at home for gp instead of free if thats what you mean ? unless you're wanting stuff that's outside of the shops
  4. The Return Of PLAGUE

    Username: MrBgsYour1Timezone: GMT + 0Mic; Yes/No YesMulti Experience: Yes